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Trent Murphy Believes He Can Fly

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…He believes he can touch the sky.

Ok, probably not, but let's go with this.

Redskins linebacker Trent Murphy, you'll remember, is near Hermosa Beach, Calif., with his younger brother, Connor, and fellow linebacker Jackson Jeffcoat learning Jiu-Jitsu inside this padded gym.

What would Murphy be thinking about as he clenches his abs and planks in mid-air?

"Look ma, no hands":This is a classic line that started out from kids yelling to their mothers that they could ride the bikes without holding onto the handle bars. It then became the vernacular for anyone trying to show off how daring they are. This makes sense here, because Murphy really isn't using his hands. He's not using his feet either!

"This is what Superman must feel like over the ocean":For a moment,* *I'd imagine Murphy thought about this considering he's in about the same physical shape as Clark Kent. Plus the turquoise foam padding looks like the ocean.

"Don't let me fall!":This is more of a practical concern, and has worse implications for whomever is holding Murphy up by his legs. You'd like to believe this is a dojo master, or somebody who is trained at letting athletes feel like they soar for a minute. Murphy's smart enough to trust him.

"Soon, I'll be flying at quarterbacks like this":Call this "posture preparation." Murphy has bulked up this offseason and has come back more dedicated to improve his game, knowing he'll have a larger role with the linebackers this year. He likely won't be doing tons of pass rushing, but this would be an ideal layout pose when he gets his chance at the opposing QB.

"Why is he staring at me?":This is a more practical, less self-aware quote. This would require Murphy to have experienced some kind of transcendence in which he forgets the man beneath him is responsible for keeping him in the air. In that case, it would be strange that someone would keep staring at his shoulders.

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