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Tress Way 'Can't Imagine' The Pressure Jordan Spieth Faced

If you've been to TopGolf in Ashburn, Va., recently, then you've probably also seen punter Tress Way's name at the top of the points leaderboard there.

As Way continues to play the game more, something he can thank his teammates about, he also realizes the inherent difficulties in leading a major tournament, and the painful aftershock of abruptly falling apart during one.

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So when Jordan Spieth quadruple-bogeyed on the 12th hole of The Masters last Sunday, Way had just a general idea of how deflating it all must have felt.

"I've got Brie, got my beautiful wife hooked onto golf now and we pull for Jordan, especially being a Big 12 guy. That's tough," he said. "You hate seeing something happen to that guy on such a big stage. He has a chance to repeat, be the fourth ever person to do that. But it's part of the game.  [Danny] Willett had a great round. If you make it to Sunday at the Masters and you're in the running, anything can happen there."

Way knows what pressure can feel like on a national stage. He had that experience just a few months ago during the Wild Card playoff game against the Packers.  

"I can't imagine that pressure. But what's cool is those guys look at us when we're playing and they think, 'Man, I can't imagine trying to play football in front of that many people,'" Way said. "But this year, going to the playoffs, being the only game on in the entire country knowing everybody's watching, that's a feeling I'm hooked on, I can't wait to get back and go again this year."

Ideally, Way won't have a similar meltdown muffing a punt or dropping a field goal snap. 




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