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Tress Way Describes His BFF Relationship With His Snapper And Kicker


By nature of their responsibilities, Tress Way, Nick Sundberg and Dustin Hopkins need to be on the same page with each other.

Sundberg snaps the football, Way catches and holds the football and Dustin Hopkins kicks the football through the goal posts, a chain reaction that only makes headlines when it's doesn't go smoothly.

It was a winning combination last year, however, which made Hopkins' transition onto the team, after Kai Forbath was released after Week 1, much easier.

Made field goals and strong sturdy punts help teammates grow to like each other, but it takes three social individuals to take that amenable work relationship and turn it into something more. According to Way, the three of them have become like family.

"I don't know if every team around the league, if their kicker, punter and their snapper are good friends, but man we hang out every single day with our wives and everybody hanging out together after," Way told ESPN 980 last week. "You know in the offseason, go play some golf, wiffleball, volleyball, this and that. These two guys, they're some of my best friends now, all the time we've got to spend together."

Way acknowledged that seeing Forbath leave was a difficult time to start the season, mostly because he had made such an impact on him during his rookie year.

"I was so nervous just being in the locker room with these guys and these two just took me under their wing and they treated me better than you know, probably a lot other rookies get treated so I was thankful for that.

"It's funny, you hear a lot about kickers and their personalities and I am a punter so I am not too far off from these guys so I am sure people think I am really weird too but these kickers, man. You could talk about two different personalities. Kai was about as laid back as it gets and Hop has a very strict routine and he does it all to a T. He reads the same bible verse before every game and listens to the same songs, it is just funny because that is not my style and I just try not to mess him up. You learn to work with people. They got here for a reason so you just try to keep them on a hot streak."

Asked whether there's a chance Way could possibly do something besides holding and punting this season (as in, will he get to throw a touchdown pass on a fake?), Way was naturally coded in his response.

"I am just going to say there might be [a play], and I might get a little fired up if it comes to fruition. It might be in there."

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