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Trim Armstrong Expecting An Explosive 2012


After a breakout season in 2010, Redskins receiver Anthony Armstrong emphasized bulking up in the gym in order to be more physical and handle the rigors of an NFL starter.

The results were largely disappointing in 2011, as Armstrong admits he sacrificed some of the speed that made him the top deep threat on the team.

This offseason, Armstrong returned to his roots, focusing on workouts designed to regain his trademark speed.

"This year, I'm going for quickness and explosiveness, and just try to get that 2010 Anthony Armstrong," he said.  "These days I'm weighing the same as I did last year, but I feel lighter, much more explosive."

Another area that Armstrong addressed this offseason was his eyesight, which he adjusted with corrective photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).

"My vision ends up being a more crisp," he said.  "I see things better, see the ball better and it eliminates having to worry about taking contacts to the game."

Armstrong explained that contacts get knocked out during practice and games, and the team's trainers don't always have spares.  Without his vision, Armstrong was a liability in the passing game, forcing him off the field.

"I couldn't see very far.  I didn't have horrible vision but everything was blurry from a distance," he said.  "I would see the ball out of the quarterback's hands, but now I can see everything so much clearer. 

"I can see the Rodger Goodell signature as the ball rotates. Now, I'm able to just play, and be able to see at all times."

Before training camp began, Armstrong took every opportunity to work out with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.  During the five-week break between mini-camp and training camp, Armstrong visited Griffin III in Waco, Texas for an informal passing camp.

"Being able to get that extra time to work with him and get on the same page as him was huge," he said.  "It was a bonding experience for our unit."

Looking forward to 2012, Armstrong is eager to fight for a roster spot and carve out his role in the offense.

"First and foremost, you just want to make the team, find yourself and spot and then we'll go from there."




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