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USA Today Ranks The 1991 Redskins As The Best Super Bowl Winning Team


Next week the Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50.

To honor the game's anniversary, USA Today decided to look back at the previous 49 winners of the big game and rank each winner. Who was the best team that won a Super Bowl?

Well, the Redskins make this list three times, but the 1991 squad, which beat the Bills 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI in Minneapolis, takes the top prize.

As the article by Chris Chase states, the Redskins were the "poster children for how numbers always lie."

"Criminally underrated, the '91 Skins were one halftime Hail Mary and a lineman-eligible drop in the end zone during a meaningless Week 17 game from being undefeated. They have the second-highest point differential of any Super Bowl champion. They had 50 sacks and Mark Rypien, who started all 16 games, was sacked just seven times. (Tom Brady was sacked four times on Sunday alone.)"

The Redskins played the toughest schedule of all the Top 10 on the list, and outscored opponents in the NFC playoffs 65-17. In the game itself, they went ahead of the Bills 37-10 before easing up on Buffalo to kill the clock.

Some more editorializing to make the point:

"Because Mark Rypien was the quarterback, Earnest Byner was the running back and the defense was led up front by Charles Mann, people automatically assume Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders were better," Chase writes. "Maybe, but it all starts up front and The Hogs were the best ever. Either way, give me the '91 Redskins and you take the field — I'll win 25 or more."

The strike-shortened 1982 season puts the Redskins at No. 21 on the list, thanks  that John Riggins run while the Doug Williams-led run in 1987 puts that team at No. 27.

Oh, and the worst team to ever win a Super Bowl?

The 2011 New York Giants.  




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