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VIDEO: Chris Thompson Does Not Like D.C.'s Brutal Winter Weather

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Running back Chris Thompson is from Florida, where the only white stuff on the ground he has to deal with is the sand along the state's infinite beaches.

In short, he's not having any of Washington, D.C.'s cold, harsh, snowy winters, which start to creep into mind as summer folds into autumn and the temperature slowly decreases.

"I hate. I hate it. I hate it with a passion, I'm not going to lie," Thompson said on the mst recent episode of "Redskins Late Night." "My car got lost in the snow my rookie year and I hated it, because I couldn't see my car. So somebody had to pick me up and take me to practice that day."

Things only got worse once Thompson got behind the wheel.

"When I was able to drive, I slid across the road," he said. "Thankfully there wasn't any traffic. I guess sliding on the 'dry ice' is what they call it here. I'll take a hurricane any day though."

That's a true Floridian testimony.

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