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VIDEO: Jason Hatcher Still Watches 'Sanford And Son'

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Defensive end Jason Hatcher might be one of the older men in the Redskins locker room, but he semi-confirmed it during "Redskins Late Night" this week with Chris Paul when he admitted (with a simple nod) that his favorite show on television is still "Sanford and Son."

The show, developed by Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear, ran six seasons in the mid-seventies,and Time magazine considers it one of the best 100 shows of all time.

Now to be clear, Hatcher never actually said this – he let his son Jason Jr. tell host Chris Paul about his dad's watching habits.

"Well it's funny," Jr. said. "But I just don't watch it all the time."

You can't really blame him. Hatcher may be trying to raise his son right, but it's hard to tell kids in school that you watch TV Land with your dad instead of, well, something slightly more relevant.

Jr. also explained that Hatcher's favorite food is crawfish and that he hopes his next vacation is somewhere at the beach.




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