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VIDEO: Kirk Cousins One Of The Best Dressed In Week 14

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has had some statement wins this season, and afterward, he's had some statement clothing choices.

On the latest "Fashion Po-Po," former player Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew channel their critiques mainly on the quarterbacks from this past week and compare their press conference attire.

After the Redskins defeated the Bears 24-21, Cousins stood at the podium in a long, dark gray jacket above a white collared shirt and gold tie. It garnered some nice feedback from the duo.

"OK Kirk. Ok Captain Kirk Cousins." Jones-Drew said. "He's getting better, too. I appreciate guys who take their job seriously and you give them an 'A' effort, because effort means a lot in this thing, as long as you trying, we can work with you."

Ike Taylor, meanwhile, sings the "Inspector Gadget" theme song, which I guess fits with the long jacket Cousins has.

Just remember, Kirk. Effort means a lot in this thing, or whatever that means.




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