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VIDEO: SSgt Andrew Cavanaugh Watches Dad During Practice

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Redskins quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh and his son, Andrew, a staff sergeant in the military, reunited on the gridiron Thursday at Redskins Park during team practice.

As part of a small group of military members observing the team compete on the field, Andrew had a chance to reconnect with his father and watch the game he was brought up with.

"It's different being out here," Andrew said. "It's good to bring some of our future soldiers, kids who enlisted who haven't shipped off yet, to give them experiences since I've been around a little bit throughout my life."

Andrew got into the military very quickly out of high school, something Matt is really proud of him for continuing over the last 11 years. Considering Matt's own profession and time spent in the NFL, his life, moving around the country, mimicked being a military father that's re-assigned all the time.

"I made him move a lot so you've got to be supportive when you're packing up and leaving schools and finding new teachers and doctors and everything else," Matt said. "You need a supportive family. We did our best."

For Andrew, Thursday was just another day to be around dad and football, two things that have always been together.

"I've seen a lot of football," Andrew said. "[Dad's] said a lot of good things about this team so far, so hopefully expect a lot out of them this year."




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