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VIDEO: Watch Garçon's Game-Winner With The Fans

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Nothing quite exceeds the unheralded joy that's waiting to be, and then finally is, released by Redskins fans during a last-minute touchdown to beat a division rival.

For those celebrating at home Sunday, screaming at their televisions or jumping up and down to the mild amusement or disconcerting looks from family members, the video above offers a snapshot of how you might have fit in perfectly at FedExField, where the Redskins beat the Eagles 23-20.

This video has just about every type of unbridled enthusiastic response you would expect to see in a game that comes down to the wire.

Mostly it is an ode to the grown men who have reverted to primordial instincts, screaming and raising their hands to the sky as though something divine has just struck them.

"Hail To The Redskins," someone yells.

"Oh my God," you can hear someone yell in disbelief.

"We did it baby!"

But maybe more perfect is the lack of reaction when the camera pans to its right.

Dressed in their Eagles jerseys, Philadelphia travelers embody the equal and opposite reaction just a few feet away from these ecstatic fans, staring at the field together in silence, trying to contemplate how their team had given up a 90-yard drive in the remaining minutes, and the realizing they have a three-hour drive home ahead of them that will probably be pretty quiet.

That's football.

Cinematically summed up in 30 seconds.  




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