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VIDEOS: Mike Clark Takes You Through The Weight Room


Head strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark has got a busy two weeks ahead of him.

Offseason workouts begin on Monday, which means he'll be leading all activities in the weight room and on the practice fields to start getting the team back in shape.

With each new season comes different ideas, different techniques, different ways to maximize a player's potential. All week on "Redskins Nation," Clark provided a window into the changes and additions to the 2016 campaign in the weight room.

1) Clark has been preparing these tweaks since a week after last season ended. Most of the players will be in shape when they return and Clark hopes the vibe improves from their playoff year.

2) The team will be split into three groups for workouts based on position and body type to better facilitate player's needs.

3) Clark next describes the functionality of the rack which the players use to work out. "The limiting factors are imagination," he says.

4) A new piece of equipment will be implemented this year called a Tando Unit, which measures the speed players can lift equipment. The data helps determine how much weight should be applied to certain types of workouts to maximize performance.

5) Clark describes his approach in the final video, citing that he's always trying to stay up to the latest technology and studies to help improve his own knowledge and the team's. 




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