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Washington Redskins Cheerleader Farewells: Monique

At the age of seven I went to my first Redskins game. I couldn't tell you who they were playing or what the final score was at the end of the game but I could tell you exactly what the cheerleaders were doing. It was at the moment I knew that one day I wanted to cheer for my home team. I never knew that 14 years later I would be blessed with that very opportunity. For five years I have had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing tradition and legacy. For two of those five years I was honored and humbled to serve my teammates as a leader to maintain the traditions and legacy that I had learned from those leaders before me.  Thank you to the best fans in the NFC East for making each home game unlike the next one. I never could get enough of you all! You all were my pulse and brought so much energy to every game. You made each game feel like a sunny day, even if it was cold and raining. There are truly no greater fans in the NFL!

To my WRC alumni who came before me: Thank you for implementing such values in me and showing me what hard work was by setting the bar high.  You all taught me what humility was and showed me nothing came easy. You truly made hard work look so glamorous and you're the  reason I became, not only the cheerleader but the person and leader I was on the team and who I am today. I always strived to be like the greats that came before me and I truly hope I held up the legacy you started and made you nothing but proud. 

Stephanie, not only a coach, but also a friend. The first three years on the team you terrified me and I loved it! Coming from an intense dance background, tough teachers were all I knew and you did not disappoint. From my first day as a rookie, you expected greatness. I remember you having a page full of notes for our first rookie performance and you weren't even there! Ha! I have had many teachers in my life, but you have been one of my longest. Most places you get four years, high school; four years., college; four years, but I was able to spend five years with you and the abundance of knowledge you have left with me is tremendous. My last two years on the team, I was happy to actually feel like a friend. Thank you for trusting me to lead this team. Thank you for riding me harder than anyone else, at the moment I might have resented it but five minutes later I always loved you for it because you knew I could handle it and my capabilities.

To my teammates and my friends: no one understands the life we live except for us! I admire each and every one of you for your tenacity. You all became my motivation, drove my dedication and supported my determination. I experienced hurt and pain with you all and when I thought I couldn't do it anymore you all became my strength. I have learned something from each and every one of you. We were like family, we may not always agree but we always came together. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! Keep the tradition alive! WRC and excellence goes hand in hand. As I once had the torch passed and left with me, it is my honor to leave it with you all.

Last but not least, the captains: Great job this year gals! Maigan and Charo, you two were the two newbie captains and now it is so great to watch you step into a position Bri and I were in. I know you two will do it with grace and poise. Remember, "Example is Leadership (Albert Schweitzer)." Bri, it was a privilege to serve next to you for two years as captain, and it is now an honor to retire with you. 

I love you all! This isn't goodbye… Simply "See ya later"
Once and Always,

Monique <3

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