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Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association Raises Money For Breast Cancer Awareness


The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association (WRCAA) at the Avon 39 "The Walk To End Breast Cancer" raised $39,614 as Team WRCAA, walking nearly 40 miles in Washington, D.C.

In total, the team has raised $103,432 since 2009 to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Representing WRCAA on the 14-member team were:

--Lindsey Ashton ('12,'13)

--Tina Barnes ('83,'84)

--Terri Lamb ('79-'83)

--Melanie Nocera ('96,'98)

--Debbie Ray ('74-'82)

--Lynn Sharkey (Team Captain) ('82,'83)

--Kristie Small ('11,'12)

--Margaret Snider ('87)

--Barbara Strittmatter ('84,'85)

Other team members were Charlene Finnegan, Louise McDonald, Jimmy Nocera, Dinah Rovito and Alex Ruiz.

The team walked in support of all NFL cheer sisters, the survivors, those currently battling and those we have lost to breast cancer.

Nocera has been undergoing breast cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, double mastectomy and numerous other surgeries since she was diagnosed several years ago with stage 2 breast cancer.

Unfortunately, Nocera had a recurrence and is now Stage 4. She continues to fight this disease while being a loving wife to her husband Jimmy and as the mother to their two young children, Anthony, 8, and Elon, 5.

Though Nocera was permitted to walk only a few miles, her enthusiasm and smile greeted us along the route as she cheered Team WRCAA on from the sidelines (just like she did on the field) and at the finish line.

Since 1984, WRCAA has been proudly supporting local and national charities while remaining the most active professional cheerleader alumni organization in the NFL. 

Determined to make a difference, WRCAA has held numerous fundraisers in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area where support from fellow alumni, friends and family helped the team once again achieve Platinum*fundraising status and was the ninth *highest fundraiser out of 300 teams in the metropolitan area. 

For Melanie and all others battling cancer, Team WRCAA walked united with the motto "Cheers to a cure!"




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