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Watch Dashon Goldson Learn The Trapeze


"I'm more athletic than I look up there," Dashon Goldson says to the camera, pointing to the top of San Francisco's "Circus Center."

Just more than a week ago, Goldson, along with Oakland Raiders left tackle Donald Penn, spent their Saturday learning how to do some circus acrobatics for the NFL Rush program, which was featured on Nickelodeon.

Penn is a rather large human being, so he didn't have too much success, nor try many of the exercises presented, so Goldson was a good sport and gave a good effort, in his place.

He has some fun on the trampoline, tries some Chinese pole balancing and then attempts to put his legs underneath him while in mid-air on the trapeze. Goldson nearly does it, but can't quite get his feet around the bar. Blame it on the jeans.

They finish with a shoulder roll, in which Penn doesn't even try to lift himself from the ground. You can hear Goldson cackling in the background.

These guys probably won't be in a circus marching into town any time soon, but at least they could have passed as entertainers. 




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