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We Found Running Backs Coach Randy Jordan On Radio Row


One of the strange – and sometimes extremely random – parts about the Super Bowl's Radio Row is that you never know who you will find.  Between players and celebrities and the media, and this year's inclusion of fans, the place can be a mess and also an opportunity. You just have to be ready for one.

Such was the case on Friday, when Redskins running backs coach Randy Jordan popped by the table to say hello after roaming around San Francisco. Unburdened by publicists or radio hits – he's simply here as a tag-along to an event his wife has been attending – Jordan took the role of "fan," and most notably dad. He was headed off to purchase some Super Bowl gear for his sons, but The Redskins Blog caught up with him right before.

Is this your first Radio Row experience?


What do you think?

It's awesome. You've got all the media. This isn't just a game, this is an event. Played in this and lost in the Super Bowl back in 2002 with the Raiders. It's grown. With this being the 50th anniversary and the golden footballs and I was able to participate in that and give that golden football back to my high school. It gets bigger and bigger every year and I hope we can deliver to the Redskins Nation and have the Redskins Nation represent one day here in the Super Bowl."

That was 14 years ago you were in the Super Bowl. This kind of event has changed quite a bit since you were a player.

It is such a media driven, just apparel, the production, the glitter, the hype, it just goes around the world, just with how social media is today, we didn't have Twitter, we didn't have Facebook, we didn't have Instagram.

…All of these are blogs stationed here

All these blogs. And the thing that's great about it is it gives people 24 hour accessibility to you. And you can promote your team, get your message out there and I think it's awesome. Social media allows that, to give the instant access to the fan.

How long have you been in San Francisco?

I've actually been here -- I got down here two days ago. Just here really supporting my wife, she's part of the "Off the Field Wives Association." They put on a fashion show, this is their 15th year doing it, and in those 15 years I've only had the opportunity to come twice because of my schedule and so I was able to come and support her. But it's a great facility, it's a great interaction with the fans, so it's really good.

Who is the craziest person you've seen here?

Oh my god, I saw, I'll tell you, I saw Mangold today, the center I believe.

Oh, Nick Mangold?

I saw him. I actually can see him right over there -- I don't know what that is, but he's wearing a cable guy shirt you know, with his hair, he looks like one of those guys you just want to come up to and have a conversation with. But I saw a guy dressed up like a bronco, like an actual, like he had a head of a bronco, walking around with a bronco jacket on, and he had a gold chain around the head of the bronco, and that was probably the craziest thing I've seen so far.

I've brushed shoulders with Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie just walking around here. Do you still get star-struck?

Oh yeah, I do, I do. It's so funny you say that, with the fashion show, we had Tony Dorsett that was in there. And being a running back coach and have played in the league, I've seen Tony several times, but actually just being around him, and just to see him. And then I know "The Bus" [Jerome Bettis] through people and just got a chance to talk to him a little bit and Tim Brown is a very good friend of mine, a Hall of Famer, but I don't really get in awe of him because we played together. But guys like "The Bus," Tony Dorsett, I was able to see Roger Staubach, and Mean Joe Green I saw walking through here. So to see guys like that who I grew up idolizing, you still always get a little bit star struck.

Before you have to go, players get asked what they do in their offseason. How about you? Do you get some time to take it easy?

Yeah, you know, we had three weeks to decompress from the season which is much, much needed to be able to reconnect with our family. And it's so funny, you know, you almost go on a hiatus from your family because you're always prepping, going to the next game, getting ready for the next game. And my first week, I had no clue where anything was in the house, like I'm trying to find silverware, trying to find a bowl to eat cereal because I'm never there. My wife is so funny and my sons, my little one who's nine, I'm trying to find the remote control and I was like "Where do you guys keep the remote control at?" And he had to show me where it was. So it's good, and it gets you ready for the offseason and just being able to just get away and give your full attention to your family, who has really been supportive through this entire season.

It was great to run into you

Thanks a lot, man. 




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