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What They're Saying: Philadelphia Eagles


The Washington Redskins (3-11) on Saturday host the New York Giants (9-5) in Week 16 action at FedExField.

This week, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and quarterback Chip Kelly spoke to the Washington, D.C., media via conference call about the upcoming matchup with the Redskins.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly:


A look back at some of the top images in games between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.

On planning for a team that has changed quarterbacks frequently:**

"Obviously, I think they do some base things the same with all the quarterbacks, but the different with RGIII [Robert Griffin III] in there is his ability to run. When he can turn a bad play into a good play very quickly, you have got to be very conscious of your rush lanes when he's in there. So, I think the change is a little bit different just because of his ability to run over the other two guys."

On if he has a special message to his team because of the Redskins' record:

"No, the last time we played them, it was a three-point game. We have got great respect for Washington this week. In this league, every single week is its own season unto itself. There's nothing we can accomplish as a team if we don't win this game this week. Everything is riding on this game."

On his strategy for stopping running back Alfred Morris:

"Yeah, Alfred is obviously one of the more talented running backs in the league and in just the short time he's been in this league, he's made a huge impact on it. I think they've had some injuries across the front and at the quarterback position that leads to some inconsistencies, but when they're rolling and they've got their running game rolling, they're a very hard team to defend, and obviously it starts with Alfred."

On which penalties are most frustrating:

"I think they all are. There's not one penalty. Any time you put yourself in a negative situation, it hurts your football team. So, I wouldn't say a coach would specify one penalty over another penalty. I think any penalty that you do obviously affects your team, and a lot of times a game hinges upon that. So, the team that can play clean has a shot."

On if penalties measure a team's discipline or skill:

"I think it depends on case-by-case."

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez:

On his experience this season:

"It's been so fun, man, just getting back out on the field, getting the chance to play again and doing something you love, being healthy, having a great coordinator and a lot of talent around you, it's been an absolute joy. We've got a couple big ones coming up, so hopefully we can finish off the season strong. I think we missed a couple opportunities, so we'll try and make up for that."

On what makes Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly so unique:

"I think it's his attitude, his approach. He tries to be the same guy every day, has such a positive attitude, enjoys the grind, enjoys staying up late watching film, game planning. You can tell he is a junkie for the game of football and it makes it fun having a coach that's a gym rat like that because you know he's always thinking about you, taking care of you, looking out for you scheme-wise and then more importantly in life, he cares about the guys in this building and all the people that work here. He really practices what he preaches about loving the game and giving it everything that you got."

On what he has seen from the Redskins and what the Eagles need to do to get into playoff position:

"Well, most importantly we've got to pick up some things on offense and fix the turnovers and continue to develop the running game and be a little more accurate in the passing game – plenty of things to fix. But, you know, a team like Washington, that was one of the toughest games we had all year early in the season – I think it was Week 3 – but it surely was a physical matchup. I know they've lost some guys to injuries but that doesn't change their attitude, and having played against Coach [Jim] Haslett a couple times, he is – well, for one – he is one of the best in the league. He knows how to dial up pressures, he knows how to attack your protections and his defenses are never shy about hitting you. So we know it is going to be a physical matchup and you know we have to embrace that and have fun with it and understand that there will be some bumps and bruises after this game but hopefully we will win."

On how he stayed mentally ready last season:

"During the time when I got hurt the last – or second-to-last preseason game, after that, I mean for the most part after the surgery in October… The first few games I was there trying to prepare like the starter, trying to help Geno [Smith] as much as I could. And then after my surgery, the IR guys in New York don't really – they are kind of with the team, but you're not in meetings. You're not allowed to go to meetings and stuff. So some teams just do it different and that's just the way they did it there."

On what he did off the field to remain mentally ready:

"I was just doing my own stuff, whether it was rehab -- the physical part – and  the mental part was just watching other games around the league. You can get the cut ups from any games you want. So you watch a little [Tom] Brady, a little [Peyton] Manning, some [Drew] Brees, [Aaron] Rodgers, Philip Rivers, you know guys like that, guys that every year seem to be the top guys. You just watch games and watch defenses, watch Seattle, see what they are doing on defense, you know little stuff that's going on around the league, whether it's the TV copy or the film copy that you get from your video department. But just stuff like that to stay fresh, to stay sharp, but other than that, nothing too crazy."

On how he was able to avoid doubting himself:

"You can't. I mean, there is no time for it. I'm in a good spot mentally. Being injured is tough, being away from the game, but I think it makes you appreciate it even more, so when you do get another opportunity like I have now, it is important to make the most of it. Remember what it felt like being out of the game and understanding that I have a chance to fix a lot of things that have not gone my way before, so that is kind of the position I am in. But I don't really worry about outside opinion. I've got a great family and a lot of people would enjoy the position I am in, you know. Win, lose or draw, I am in a great opportunity and I can't ever forget that, how fun this is. And usually when I am feeling like that, I am playing pretty well."

On his perspective on the Redskins' quarterback situation:

"You know, I don't know too much about the situation. I've only seen the stuff on TV, so without really being a part of it, I don't want to say too much. I think he has got a ton of talent, he showed that his first year, but I am not really an authority on it. I don't know what's going on in that building, so I don't want to speak on that."

On if he empathizes with other quarterbacks:

"I mean, you never want to see anybody go through an injury, that's for sure. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, going through that IR/ injury/rehab process. That's no fun. So I feel for him there, but you know, anything X's and O's wise, all that kind of stuff, coaching-wise, I don't know. I am not there."




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