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Will Blackmon: Terrelle Pryor Sr. Is A 'Super-Good Athlete'


With the Washington Redskins just completing their first set of OTAs [Organized Team Activities], safety Will Blackmon got a great, up-close look at one of the team's newest additions: wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr., whom Blackmon described as a "raw athlete," during his visit to NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Friday.

"I just remember last year [when the Redskins played the Browns in Week Four], I was curious to see him [Pryor Sr.] warmup, and he came out [and] literally looked like a Transformer; that's a tall boy," Blackmon said.

At 6-foot-4 and 223 pounds, Pryor Sr. is a mountain of a man, and someone to be feared when he's out on the football field. With a seemingly endless supply of talent at his disposal, besides Pryor Sr. harnessing all that raw power himself, it takes a really good coaching staff to help Pryor Sr. along the way, as he continues to develop into an elite wide receiver, which Blackmon believes wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard is doing a great job of.

"I think he's in the right hands with coach Ike Hilliard," Blackmon said. "Ike does a fantastic job of getting guys to run the right routes."

The hosts wanted to know if Blackmon thought Pryor Sr. was too raw at his position, or if he's "polished" enough as a wide receiver, to which Blackmon reverted back to Pryor Sr. putting in extra work, and getting the proper coaching from Hilliard.

"If you can take someone who's a super-good athlete, and you put him with the right coach, to polish him, he can figure it out; athletes will figure it out," Blackmon said. "I think, getting here early, working with [quarterback] Kirk [Cousins] down in Florida, getting here early with Ike [Hilliard], being in the front room, going against [cornerback] Josh [Norman] everyday, I think he'll be just fine for us."  

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