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Will Compton Takes Over Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon


The Washington Redskins have a locker room that's full of high-character men.

The Washington Redskins also have a locker room that's full of characters, like inside linebacker Will Compton, who was the perfect choice to grab a microphone, jump in front of a camera and take Redskins fans on a tour of the 55th Annual Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon, which took place on Wednesday afternoon at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, in McLean, Va.

Compton was a natural in front of the camera (after all, he's used to suiting up and performing in front of millions of fans each and every Sunday). Compton even grabbed some of his teammates and got their impressions and reactions to the Luncheon, starting with fellow inside linebacker Mason Foster.

Compton wanted to get Foster's thoughts on the Tommy Bahama shirts that the players wore to the Luncheon, courtesy of quarterback Trent Williams. The players wore the shirts in honor of Paul Kelly, Redskins Director of Football Operations.

"It's P.K. [Paul Kelly] Day. Happy P.K. Day!" Foster said. "We're all wearing these Tommy Bahama shirts. It feels real comfortable, so I'm feeling good right now."

Because of the weather situation that came through the Tampa, Fla., area earlier in the week, 26 of the Redskins players weren't able to make the trip down for Wednesday night's preseason finale with the Buccaneers, including Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams, who Compton caught up with next.

Williams shared his thoughts on not being with his teammates for the game.

"We hardly ever play on the fourth [preseason] game, but I would love to be there, and love to cheer the guys on that you kind of grow a bond with," Williams said.

Compton moved down the line to another Pro Bowler – cornerback Josh Norman – who would've loved to be with his guys as well in Tampa, but his job for the day was to be with Redskins fans at the Luncheon and brighten up their day, which he was more than happy to do.

"It feels great," Norman said. "Coming out here, and doing this for the fans, it's awesome, because you get an experience that they don't really get to experience, and [we're] not going on a football field, like today it's like an experience for us. It's kinda crazy right?"

With the preseason schedule in the rear-view mirror, the Redskins can now put their complete attention on their Week 1 opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who come to FedExField on Sept. 12, 2016, for Monday Night Football.

Norman's seat will be hot from the very beginning, as he'll face one of the most feared threats in the game in Pittsburgh wide receiver Antonio Brown. Compton wanted to gauge Norman's excitement level for the season opener and taking on Brown all night long on a worldwide stage.

"I think it's the quiet before the storm, because you know how the storm gets out there," Norman said. "The boat gets a little rocky."

CSN Mid-Atlantic anchor and reporter Julie Donaldson was Compton's next guest. Compton asked Donaldson – who's used to doing the interviewing – who she was looking forward to interviewing at the event. Donaldson had the perfect response.

"Oh that would be right now, correct?" Donaldson said. "That's really the only answer that I can give, is an interview with you right now."

Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall is one of the sharpest dressers on the team. No matter whether it's a home game, a road game, or if he's just hanging with his family and friends, Hall has got to look the part.

Hall and Compton rocked the same pink Tommy Bahama shirt at the Luncheon, as a show of "team unity," to borrow words from Hall when he described the fashion statement to Compton.

"We all decided to get together, and it was actually Kirk's [Cousins] idea, [and] we all bought into it," Hall said. "We're celebrating P.K. [Paul Kelly] today, man. Shout out [to] P.K. [It's] P.K. Day man, you see us all in the Tommy Bahama shirts styling."

Compton moved on to nose tackle Kedric Golston, whom he called "one of the most fearless leaders I've been around in a long time."

Compton wanted to know how many interviews Golston had done before he found him in the back of one of the ballrooms.

"This is my first one," Golston said. "That's kind of the lot I picked in life. When you got Josh Norman, Trent Williams, Jamison Crowder [and] Will Compton, I would interview those guys, too, but I signed a lot of autographs, [and] there's a ton of excitement out there."

There's a rumor circulating about a group called the "Wolfpack." Whether or not it's tied to the Redskins' defense has yet to be revealed, which is why Compton wanted to get the scoop from Golston, who's also rumored to be involved in this clandestine group.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Golston said to Compton, who responded like this:"First rule of Fight Club: there is no Fight Club."

The takeover wouldn't have been complete unless Compton met one of his biggest fans, Ali, who comes to the Welcome Home Luncheon every year. Ali was excited to meet not only Compton, but the rest of his teammates and guests as well.

The meeting between Compton and Ali couldn't have been more timely, as Ali had a copy of the 2016 Redskins Yearbook, which just so happened to be open to Pg. 54, which was Compton's page.

"It looks like you got the best looking guy pulled up, [and] you want his autograph. Who is this?" Compton said to Ali.

"Bright guy, real smart guy, has a good rep, and one of my favorite players," Ali said in response.

What a perfect way to end Compton's takeover day.

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