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William Shatner Admits He's Been Called 'Captain Cousins'


Ask people today in the DMV about the title "Captain Kirk" and if they watched or heard about the Redskins this year, they'll probably think you're talking about Trent Williams before "Star Trek."

That was the impact the Michigan State product made in his fourth year with the Redskins, taking over the starting job, screaming "You Like That!" and leading his team to a division championship.

As William Shatner, the man who made the name famous to begin with, brings his musical comedy show "Shatner's World: We just Live In it" to Washington, D.C.'s Warner Theater on Feb. 4, the actor caught up with WTOP and discussed the re-branding of his iconic character.

"I've been called Captain Cousins! It's the strangest metamorphosis," Shatner told the radio station. "Are the Redskins good or what? And is Cousins good or what?"

Even th Priceline Negotiator would have to agree. 

Shatner said his show, which features anecdotes about his mother and father, blends jokes and stories and even some singing.

"The show is about saying yes to life," Shatner said. "It's an affirmation. It's about passion. It's about the things we should be doing in our lives and I'm giving you some examples. I talk about lowland gorillas and then I talk about motorcycles and then I talk about music and comedy and love and hate and 'Star Trek' and all those kinds of things. I have a variety of things I talk about, but they're all about passions.

"I admire Kirk Cousins and I wish he would come," Shatner said.

You can read the rest of the article, which touches on more of Shatner's show and memories of "Star Trek," here.




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