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WWE Star Dolph Ziggler Tells Redskins How To Embrace The Villain Role

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The first thing in Dolph Ziggler's Twitter biography is that he's a standup comic. This is a fact, but the second sentence, "I wrestle to pay the bills," more accurately reflects how the general populous might be aware of his fame.

A former WWE World Heavyweight champion, Ziggler was in Washington, D.C., on Monday before an appearance on RAW to discuss his contract status with the brand that catapulted him to Rolling Stone's "WWE Wrestler of the Year."

But's Andrew Walker wasn't about to ask him the same old questions about his work negotiations. Ziggler is a big dude, and there were more important things to tackle than get lost in the muck of agents and businesses and counteroffers.

That being said, take a few minutes to see Ziggler explain some of his football background, discuss playing the villain in opposing stadiums and critique Ryan Kerrigan's  Shawn Michaels sack pose.

Ziggler would "love to" try out for the Redskins, for what it's worth.




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