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TJ Gresko

Performer, Entertainment Team

TJ Gresko-pridespotli

What he loves about his work at the Commanders: TJ's journey to the Commanders Entertainment Team began nearly two years ago upon returning stateside after a stint abroad in Latin America with his now-husband. TJ learned that the entertainment team was interested in having men at open auditions for the first time ever and that they were looking for performers with all types of dance and stunting backgrounds. A former cheerleader at the University of Pittsburgh, TJ loves the unique rush that comes with performing at football games and is so excited for his second season in Washington.

What Pride Month means to him: "For me, I think pride is just accepting who you are and being proud of yourself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally in the everyday. In terms of Pride Month, I would say it's a time to take that pride and be around other people who have had a similar path towards that acceptance, towards that pride in themselves and then celebrating."

What he wants people to know about the LGBTQ+ community: "I would say two things. One, you probably already know members of our community. We're your sons, daughters, friends who serve in the military, we're your co-workers. We're a part of the collective American community, your neighborhood community. The other thing is we're a group of strong, inclusive individuals. We have overcome a lot of challenges, but we always need the support of our straight allies."

Favorite thing to do outside of work: "I absolutely love DC. I think it's such a gorgeous city. Now that it's getting warmer, doing anything active in the area. One of my absolutely favorite things to do is just walk around a historic neighborhood and just take in what D.C. has to offer. Outside of that, you can ride a bike off of the Potomac. You can have a picnic at the National Mall. Go hiking at Rock Creek Park. There's lots of stuff to do outside this time of year."

Favorite quote/mantra: "I wanted to take this in a Pride-specific direction, so I'm choosing a quote from Alan Turing [gay mathematician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst from the UK who helped the Allies during WWII].

'Those who imagine anything can create the impossible.'"