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4 things to know about the Washington Commanders' new uniforms


The Washington Commanders have unveiled their new identity, and now they've provided a look at their new uniforms. 

The uniforms themselves are full of references to the team's history and connections to the military while also adding fresh takes to a classic design. Here's a look at some smaller details about the new versions of the Burgundy & Gold: 

1. The stars and stripes


Washington's history has always been cherished by its fan base and organization as a whole. It was established early on that Washington's new uniforms would retain the burgundy and gold colors, and they are prominent in each of the three iterations.

The colors are only one of many references to past teams, though. The stripes, located on the shoulders, are some of the most notable design choices that were inspired by previous looks. Part of the intention behind including the shoulder stripes is to tell the story of the organization's history and legacy as one of the NFL's first franchises and serve as a tribute to the team's Super Bowl teams in the 1980s and 1990s.

And in one of several references to the military, the stripes represent the military concept of "earning one's stripes."

Fans will also notice stars located on the inside collar of the uniforms. They, along with the stripes, are reference to the DC flag.

2. The numbers


While the Commanders' new uniforms are full of homages from the past, they also include some innovative features, and that starts with the numbers.

Washington now has a new font that includes line breaks and indentations in the numbers, which is an assertive stencil that alludes to stylized military fonts. Inside the numbers, there is a perforated diamond texture, which is a nod to the diamond shape of DC's district boundary.

Additionally, the numbers for the away jerseys now include a gradient design, which is the first of its kind in the league. It helps to emphasize the forward-moving theme of the uniforms, which is a tribute to a city born of innovation, paying tribute to the pioneering ideas of individuals such as Pierre Charles L'Enfant and Benjamin Banneker who helped build Washington, DC.

The away uniforms also feature a black outline around the numbers, which paved the way for…

3. The black uniforms


Washington's uniforms will include a color other than burgundy or gold. The black uniforms will be an alternate to the more traditional colors, and they come with a few extra wrinkles.

On the black uniforms, the lines that frame the players' last names on the back mirror the strong, bold lines of the "Commanders" primary logotype. They also feature the logo positioned in an authentic military nametape placement. One sleeve has the DC flag, representing the city. The other sleeve has the crest, showcasing that the Commanders are a team of leaders.

The black uniforms come with another more military reference; there are camo stripes, which were custom designed for the uniform, that represent an ownable DC narrative.

4. The helmets


Washington's new uniforms will include not one, but two new helmets. The burgundy version will serve as the primary helmet, while the black helmets will be worn with the alternates.

The primary helmet is a new version of the classic burgundy helmet worn throughout the team's history. It features a gold stripe, which is a reference to the team helmets of the 1950s and 1960s. It has a matte design, which tells the story of innovation and newness.

The "W" on the helmet includes slanted elements, which are inspired by military rank insignia. The numbers are also featured on the back of the helmet.

The black helmets feature the DC flag on the back of the helmet is what was inspired by the "follow-me" stripe on military helmets that was meant to help a group of forces know where their leader was on the battlefield. It also stands as a symbol that honors and celebrates the DC community. The numbers on the sides of the helmets, which was a feature fans liked about the Washington Football Team helmets, are the largest visual identity element.

Check out the Washington Commanders' new home, away and alternate uniforms that were unveiled as part of the organization's rebrand. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)

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