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Adam Peters and Jayden Daniels | 'I just can't wait to get to work'


General manager Adam Peters and Jayden Daniels addressed the media. Here's a full transcript of their press conference.

Opening Statement:
AP: "Good afternoon, everybody. Thanks everybody for being here today. It's a good crowd. This is a great, great, great day. This is a great day not only for our organization and this entire region and really all the Commanders fans around the world. Like I told some of you guys who were here last night, we're getting a special, special player. Jayden was the highest ranked player on our entire draft board. But even more so, we're getting a special, special person. To Jayden's parents who are here, his dad, what's up dad. To Jayden's parents and his entire family who are here today. That's a direct reflection of you guys and how you raised him. So, thank you. And I know I speak for both [Managing Partner] Josh [Harris] and [Head Coach Dan Quinn] DQ when I say that we really couldn't be more proud and really excited that Jayden is the first pick that we make together. So, without further ado, on behalf of the entire Commanders organization, I have the special privilege and honor to introduce our first-round pick, Jayden Daniels."

Opening statement:
JD: "Man, I just want to say appreciate Mr. Harris, Adam and DQ man, for believing me. Giving me the opportunity to live out my childhood dream. And I just can't wait to get to work. That's the biggest thing. And thank God, I wouldn't be here without them, and thank you to my family supporting me, believing in me and sacrificing, man. I appreciate you guys."

On how surreal the last 24 hours has been and if it feels real yet:
"Nah, I mean, kind of. I was just sitting, laying in bed and I was texting with [New York Giants WR] Malik [Nabers] and [Jacksonville Jaguars WR] Brian [Thomas Jr.], man. We were just like, we woke up as pros officially. We're all on our teams and we're able to live our childhood dreams, so it still hasn't hit me yet, but it's starting to get there."

On what Commanders fans are getting in him:
"I mean just somebody that wants to be the best version himself, that's going to work hard, going to put their head down and work and do whatever it takes to help the team win."

On at what point in his life he thought this was possible:
"This is a dream I had since I was a kid. I got a blank piece of paper that said "I'll play in the NFL" and put it above my door so I seen it every morning. And that's just something I dreamt about every time I worked for. The workouts with my dad when I didn't want to work out. I started doubting myself when I was younger, like, 'can I really do this, man?' All the perseverance I've been through, adversity I've had in my life, it led me to this point."

On what keeps him working hard even when he doesn't want to:
"I'll just say my parents. They sacrificed 23 years of their life for my life to get to this point. Without them I wouldn't be here. How hard they worked, what they instilled in me to be a great human being, not just a football player, but a person, treat people with respect and gain the respect of others. Nothing's given to you in this world. You got to go out and earn everything."

On what his next focus is:
"Getting to meet my new teammates, and learning this playbook, that's the focus for sure."

On if he has been able to reach out to any of his teammates:
"The only person I talked to so far was [WR] Jahan [Dotson], but all my teammates started hitting me up now. So after I'm done with all this, I can reach back out to them."

On what it looks like for him when he takes the soul away from a defense:
"2023 Florida game [laughs]."

On if he can elaborate on that:
"Just turn on the tape and watch that game [laughs]."

On why he thinks he's ready for the role of being the solution for the franchise:
"I mean, God put me in this place for a reason. My life is already written out. He got a plan, I'm just following it. But that comes with the work. At the end of the day, nothing is given to me. It is not a given I'm a starter Week 1. I got to go out, I got to earn it. I got to put in the work. I got to learn the playbook, earn the respect of my teammates, and go out there and try to win football games."

On what he credits his ability to improve last season:
"I would say just the stability I was able to have at LSU. Same coaching staff, same coordinators, and it was just the camaraderie and the trust that me and my guys built this past offseason, and be able to find ways to take my game to another level. I didn't want to come back to college and do the same thing I did the year before. I wanted to take my game to another level. And shout out to LSU and the support staff that helped me out. Whether that's the Oculus, the VR stuff that I was doing, or even after practice, the equipment assistants, catching footballs for me when I'm the last one on the field, so I appreciate all them."

On what he remembers most from the 2023 Florida game:
"[Laughs] It catapulted me back to winning the Heisman Trophy. So, yeah, I don't really like Florida. They don't like LSU, so yeah, it is what it is."

On when he realized he took his game to another level:
"I would say I kind of seen it through spring ball and fall camp. Just how we're clicking on all cylinders as a offense. And we knew we would be really good. We didn't know how good we could be but we knew we'd be really good. And I'd probably just say maybe the Mississippi State game. It was something that it was just clicking for us at all cylinders, man. And we were just out there having fun and from there it was like, man, we got to keep it going. We got to keep improving each and every week."

On what he saw from himself that allowed him to think he had taken his game to the next level:
"Man, I'll just say my swagger and confidence and belief in myself. That's the same kind of confidence I had in high school when I was walking around, playing football, having fun, and the game felt fun out there. Just being able to be with my teammates and my brothers that we worked so hard for six months of your life, man. You only get one opportunity on Saturday to go put stuff on film. So, we went out there and we performed."

On what homework he did on the Commanders to think this would be a good spot:
"Man, I watched football regardless, so I kind of already seen the players that they had last year. Obviously, [Offensive Coordinator] Kliff [Kingsbury] was in Arizona [Cardinals] when I was at a [Arizona State University] ASU. All around I'm just a football junkie. Obviously watching DQ at the Cowboys over as the [Defensive Coordinator] DC, Adam was over there with the Niners, and a couple of my friends play at the Niners, so I always just watch football, see what they do and how they build. So, just an organization, I didn't know how passionate the fan base was until I was in this process, man. So, I'm excited. I'm excited to get to work."

On if there are elements of his game that people haven't seen:
"Oh, for sure. I think I still got more in the tank to learn and I got more ability to tap into. I'm not a finished product. I'm 23 years old, man. So now I'm able to come in and learn a new system and see where I could take it."

On when processing information in real time on the field became easier:
"Just this past season, just my preparation throughout the week, whether I was waking up early, staying late, and making sure I'm prepared for the game. Kind of stretch itself out during the week, so when game days come, it was easier. And that's stuff that I did, man. I was able to use the VR stuff and get 200 more extra reps, just mental reps instead of having to go out there on the field and put stress on my body, so I can feel fresh for the game. But just finding little ways to prepare even more and take my game to another level."

On who challenges him on the mental side:
"My family played a big part, but I got to give credit to [LSU Director of Player Retention] Sherman Wilson. He was there with me every day, 5 a.m., late nights, man. He pushed me, he pushed me, he challenged me. He's like a big brother in me. We argue, we didn't see eye to eye, but he wanted the best for me. He's seen something in me that I ain't see in myself, man. He helped me bring it out for sure."

On what he wants the people to know about him outside of football:
"I'll just say somebody kids could look up to and be a role model. An inspiration, especially kids of color that look just like me that have goals of being up here one day and be able to live out their dreams, you know? Because I was in the same seat as them, and hopefully I could be that inspiration, that role model to them, like [Former Falcons QB] Michael Vick and looking at [Ravens QB] Lamar Jackson, those type of people when I was growing up. Looking at them and seeing that they did it their own way and if they could do it, I could do too, and vice versa."

On how his path has prepared him for the possibility of being a number one QB in the NFL:
"Man, just the adversity I've been through, off the field, my personal life man. Just the stuff I've been through personally got me to this point. I feel like the stuff I dealt with is probably the hardest things I'm going to deal with so far in my life, man. So, football is fun, it is a getaway from everyday life. So that's how I treat it. That's how I approach each and every day."

On how prepared he thinks he is to be a pro QB right away:
"Man, I don't know the playbook, so I'm not prepared right now."

On if there are any QB's that he studied on how to carry himself:
"Yeah, I mean, that just comes with the position. [Former Patriots QB] Tom Brady, [Hall of Fame QB] Peyton Manning, like all those types of guys, how they market themselves, how they carry themself as franchise guys, you know, hopefully one day be in their shoes. And you never see any off the field issues about them. They carry themselves with a high standard and I want to be in their shoes one day. So hopefully I could get there but I got my own dream, my own role to take."

On the sign in his bedroom:

"Yeah, I wrote, I'll play in the NFL."

On how old he was when he had the sign:

"I don't know, probably like seven."

On his relationship with Head Coach Dan Quinn:
"Yeah, I mean just the impression he left on me, man. He cares about the person. He doesn't really care so much about the football player. He just wants to know who you are as a person and that's how he wants to build a relationship, you know? That's how you get the best out of each other when you can trust him, you know them personally."

On what about his family dynamic allows him to play all over the country but still be comfortable in his skin:
"I could say I got more comfortable when I was in Louisiana you know, I was older. Obviously, it's a life I want to live, but when I first came out of high school, man, I would've been homesick. I couldn't go too far from home, I can't even lie to you. But once I made that transition to Louisiana, man, it helped me grow even more. You know, being out there on my own I wasn't really dependent on family. More so you know how to figure some stuff out and figure out who I want to be as a person, as a man."

On the impact his parents have had on his journey:
"I mean, words can't even explain it. Just being there for me no matter what through the ups and downs, really. And like I said, they sacrificed 23 years of their life for me to get to this point, so I know it's a proud moment for them to see their son live out their dreams."

On what he knows about the offense that Offensive Coordinator Kliff Kingsbury runs and what excites him about it:

"I mean, just the creative mind that he has on the offensive side. How he can attack defenses. Obviously, what he was doing over Arizona, you know, with [Arizona Cardinals QB] Kyler [Murray] and having success. I want to go out there and I want to be successful, but it comes with putting the work in each and every day."

On his reaction to pre-draft reports about the Washington Top 30 visit:

"Man, it was cool. It was fun being able to enjoy a process with three other guys that I know personally. You know, two of 'em I was working out with each and every day with [Atlanta Falcons QB] Mike [Penix] and [Minnesota Vikings QB] JJ [McCarthy]. So, it was fun, man, to be able to come out here and not really focus so much on football. Man, just to get away and kind of recharge your mind because, you know, we have so much pressure and stress as far as might have to go here, traveling, you know, learning install, stuff like that. So, to get away with and get away from that and then, you know, just have fun and connect with guys that you don't usually connect with. You know, it was awesome."

On what he knows about Washington's history at quarterback and if he feels any pressure:

"I don't feel no pressure. You know, I'm going to just come in and just be me. But the history man, that man sitting back over the corner of [Former Washington QB] Doug Williams, you know, first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl, obviously what he did here. You know, [Former Washington QB Robert Griffin III] RGIII, you know, the excitement that he brought is two people I've been known for some time. So to be able to lean on them and how they have success here and maneuvered throughout this organization. Man, I'm open ears for sure. I'm ready to learn."

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