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Adam Peters | 'It was a great night for us'

04242024 2024 Draft Press Conference KC52107

Adam Peters addressed the media after Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

On the overall process for the draft today:

"Yeah, it was a great night for us, for everybody here. We got a lot better and we got a lot of guys who we consider Commanders. Really proud of our process and identifying the right types of guys. Just couldn't be happier with the young men that we brought in today. And I can go through them here a little bit. Just give you guys some bullet points. Starting with [DT Jer'Zhan] Johnny Newton and Johnny, we could not believe he was still there. We were a little nervous that he wasn't going to make it to us at 36. We looked at moving up to get him, very surprising. We had a first round grade on him and he is an explosive, violent player. He's a team captain. He got the Commander tag and he's exactly who we want to bring in this building. We think he's an advanced player who can come in and play right away. Really a three-down player who you can play on the run downs, play on pass downs, skilled, hands and feet are tied together. And he arrives violently when he gets to the ball and he plays just like we want him to play. So just thrilled to get Johnny. And that started off a really good night for us. Then moving to [CB Mike] Mikey Sainristil, another captain. And another one where we were pretty nervous there because as it was coming down to him, I mean, that's who we had our sights set on. And Mikey is a guy who's impressed myself for a really long time, since he was a freshman, seeing him catch passes. And he transitioned to corner and playing nickel and had six interceptions last year, and was really the heart and soul of that Michigan team. I think anybody will even tell you, I know [Minnesota Vikings QB] J.J. [McCarthy] had a big part in that too, but I think anybody will tell you Mikey as much as anybody was a team leader. I think what sealed the deal with us is when we went to the Pro Day and he was incredible doing the DB drills. And then he was the best one on offense doing the receiver drills, outstanding route runner, outstanding ball skills, and he could just go all day. And the night before, we had dinner with him and he was as impressive off the field as he was on the field. So, we were thrilled to get him. He'll be a great nickel. And then you go to [TE] Ben Sinnott from Kansas State. And just really from my experience at the 49ers, learning from those guys and learning what they look for in tight ends with [Head] Coach Shanahan, Kyle and everybody there. Just seeing and, you know, it's a lofty comparison. And I'm not comparing him to the guys we had in San Francisco, but he reminds me of guys like [TE] Kyle Juszczyk and [TE] George Kittle. The way he blocks and in the way he moves, and just the way he competes. Certainly not putting him in that, those guys are All Pro's, Pro Bowlers, everything you'd want, but Ben has that same mindset and he plays with that mindset. He can block really anywhere. You can put him at the end of the line of scrimmage and you can block a D end, you can block a linebacker, you can block a defensive back in space, you'll block two people on the same play. If you saw that highlight, that was pretty cool. He can play fullback and block people on the second level, so he can do anything you want in the run game and in the pass game. He's got great hands, can get open. He can beat man coverage, and he's got that mindset when he gets the ball in his hands, he is not going down. So, he's got everything we're looking for in a Commander as well. Then getting to [T] Brandon Coleman. Brandon Coleman's another team captain, and he really impressed us. We had him in here on a 30 visit, really loved his story. And he's got over 1,600 snaps at tackle. He also played guard. We see him as a tackle and we think he could be a really good tackle. He's really experienced. He's got heavy hands. He's a really good athlete. So we were really fortunate to get him where we got him. And then, last but not least, [WR] Luke McCaffrey. Near and dear to my heart with the McCaffrey family. They're an incredible family. But that's, I mean sure, it's certainly a bonus when you draft somebody to know that. But Luke earned that. And Luke was a captain at Rice as well. He took a road less traveled where he started off as a quarterback and really taught himself how to be one of the best receivers in the country in the last two years. And so he's got size, he's got speed, he's got great movement skills, and I think he's only going to ascend. We're really, really excited to have him in the building too. So, exemplary players and really exemplary character with all those guys, and that's why we're so happy. That was a long answer, huh?

On how involved the coordinators and position coaches were in making decision tonight:
"Really every pick we made, every pick we made, we huddled up with those guys and we huddled up with the scouts in the area and the guys who did the cross checks as well. And we just said, what do you think about these guys? You happy with this pick? Because I think everybody, when you pick a guy like [DT] Johnny Newton, we have two great players on the inside, and we have two other really good football players too in that defensive tackle group. And then really behind them, we have some good players too. So, at first glance you think that it's a pretty packed room, but I don't think you can, that's what I learned in San Francisco is you can't have too many great [defensive] linemen, and we'll find a way to get 'em all on the field. I know DQ and that's what I said to DQ is can we do this? He's like, yeah, we'll find a way to get 'em all on the field. Talked with [Defensive Coordinator] Joe Witt and he was all about it. Because really Johnny was certainly clearly higher than anybody else we had on the board there. So everybody was on board, and that was cool. It was a cool process really throughout and really appreciate everybody's willingness to listen and, give their opinions and I think that's how you have successful drafts."

On if drafting DT Johnny Newton was more best player available strategy in selection:
"I think you always want to blend that and blend your needs and your best player and best player available. And I think it's case by case basis. Every time you get up there and it's about to be your pick, we sit there, and we discuss and say, all right, we have these X amount of players, we want to do this. My phone was ringing off the hook. There was a time where it was pretty hectic, between right around the beginning, really all day it was ringing and then it was a lot going on there. So you try to delegate those jobs and we had a lot of great people in there getting, taking the trade calls, doing the trade calculator, okay, what way this versus this, but really case by case you do what's best for the team. I think and at least what you think is best for the team and really get, we have a lot of really smart people in there to help make that decision."

On how he sees T Brandon Coleman fitting as a left tackle option:
"Brandon I think will come in and compete just like everybody else. And we certainly think he has what it takes to be a tackle in this league. And he's got the feet, he's got the speed, he's got the strength, and he's got the intelligence and he's got the right mindset and so he'll come in and compete just like everybody else."

On his thought process on making a trade with a division rival Philadelphia Eagles:
"You always have that in the back of your mind but [Executive Vice President of the Philadelphia Eagles] Howie [Roseman] is a friend, and he came with a strong offer, Sam, and really it was favorable in terms of the point chart, favorable for us, but really we liked it in terms of what it gave us and given those two picks in 50 and 53. A lot of times you have to move really far back but that one we had to move 10 picks back, but then we also got another pick where we moved really far up where that either you could sit there and pick at 53 or you have optionality to move back again and pick up some more picks. So, we liked how that pick lined up for us in terms of where our board was. So, you always think, he was very convicted in doing that, so kudos to him for having that, for having the conviction to do that. But we're going to be playing [Eagles DB] Cooper DeJean so we'll see what happens. And you never know who's going to win those trades, and I don't think you can even really figure that out for years down the line."

On CB Mike Sainristil and his fit in the scheme:
"Yeah, so Mikey's gonna play inside. He's gonna be a nickel, we call it a star. Mikey, maybe he is, in stature, he might be smaller, but he is as physical as they come. He'll bring it every time. He's tough. He's extremely smart. The one thing, not the one thing, but many things, he does really well, but he takes the ball away. He had six interceptions this year. I can't imagine anybody's in his class in terms of ball skills on the defensive side of the ball. He's got incredible ball skills and that's what we look for is speed and ball skills. His instincts. And so, we believe in him to be a really, really good player as a nickel."

On WR Luke McCaffrey and if he got any help from his brother Christian:
"I did get a little insight from his brother. I got a little encouragement from his brother. I didn't need it, I can tell you that right now. I didn't need it. And just watching him ascend from really Nebraska and watching him play, what he did there, and it was actually really fun just watching it chronologically and how he evolved at every step of the way until really the Senior Bowl when he was outstanding at the Senior Bowl. Being able to get open and if he wasn't open, he was making contested catches. He is almost six-foot-two, which is, you're surprised because he moves so well. For a guy that's almost 6-2, he moves like a guy who's maybe 5-10 in terms of his quickness. He's got incredible shuttle numbers where you're talking about the three cone and the 20-yard shuttle, and those numbers really show up on the tape. And he's tough, he's got great hands and he's got incredible mindset too. Seeing him get better and better throughout the process tells us that he's only gonna get better."

On if he was looking for captains and leaders:
"That's exactly what we're looking for, all those things. And these guys all fit exactly what we want as Commanders. We're very proud of that. We're proud of the type of people we brought in, starting with Jayden [Daniels] yesterday and then, really all night tonight."

On where he sees the strength of his team and what is left to add:
"Yeah, I think that remains to be seen. I think the, uh, the strength, I would say just knowing the people on this team, the strength of this team is that we're fast, we're competitive, there's a lot of really, really great people on this team and they love football. The guys that were here last week, which we had full attendance in that, veteran minicamp, they love playing together. And so we brought in a bunch of guys that are gonna love playing with each other, so we're proud of that. This team's gonna create its own identity and that remains to be seen. That's one of the fun things about this is you don't know what you're gonna get. But I know that I'm proud of this team and I know DQ is too. I know Josh is too, and we're gonna have a lot of fun."

On if he feels like the team still needs to add more to the offensive line:
Yeah, not so much a need, I would just say if the right player was available tomorrow, we'll take an offensive lineman just like we'd take any other position. So, we do a cool thing, well, tomorrow morning we'll talk with all the scouts and really everybody who's in that draft room and they're gonna all stand on the table and tell us."

On if the scouts are going to physically stand on the table:

"Well, that's a figure of speech, that's how we say it. Maybe it's a football term, huh? Is that a football term? I don't know if that's universal. I might be getting too inside baseball here, Sean. But we tasked a couple of our scouts with naming it and we're gonna call it the Commander Caucus. And so, every scout is gonna tell us who they like and why. And we're gonna take a lot of notes on that. I think when you do that, you find out who really the real Commanders are that are still on the board, and those are the guys we're probably going to have the best success in picking. So, that's how we'll do it, whether it's a lineman or anybody else."

On if drafting players who have played different positions throughout their careers gives them a competitive advantage:
Yeah, I think so. I mean you're talking about both of those guys. So with Mike, you talk about the ball skills, right? And being a really, really good receiver. And that translates to the defensive side, being able to take away the ball. You joke that most of the most corners used to be receivers until they couldn't, and you found out they couldn't catch. But Mike certainly doesn't fit that bill. So that and understanding how offense works and what receivers are trying to do to him is gonna give him an advantage. And the same thing with [WR] Luke [McCaffrey], where when you play quarterback, you see that position or you see the field from a quarterback's position. So, you understand what it takes to beat defenses, to beat leverage, to understand, to read defenses, and understand where the holes in the zone are, how the defender's playing you. So, just like when you play multiple sports, I think playing multiple positions too is always gonna help you develop a good skillset that's gonna help you in whatever you do next. So, I think there's certainly an advantage. You can make the argument that there's an advantage to playing the same position over and over for a really long time, but both of those guys proved to be quick studies in their new positions."

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