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Andrew Wylie | Working against Commanders' defensive line has been 'incredible'

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Washington Commanders' offensive tackle Andrew Wylie addressed the media after practice on July 29. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On learning the offense:
"Yeah, it's a lot of the same, you know, what we're used to or what I'm used to. Changing up some terminology, changing up some details of the plays. We're picking it up pretty quick.

On going up against the defensive line:
"Oh, man. I mean, it's incredible. I mean, it is the highest level of competition that we're getting on the offensive line, going up against these guys on defense and we're truly making each other better on both sides of the ball. It's been a great camp so far."

On the fan turnout:
"Man, it's incredible. They're loud, they're enthusiastic. A lot of the guys have been here are shocked, you know what I mean? This is not what they're used to, but I mean, this is incredible. And it just shows, it just goes to show, the fans are there. They believe in us. They wanna believe in something and we're going out there with an intent to win every single game. So that's how we practice."

On how he takes care of his body during the off days:
"It's just as important to rest the mental as long as your body. So, I'm hanging out, I'm working through the Halo campaign right now. So I'm just gonna chill, maybe play four or five hours of that tomorrow. But, you know, just stay hydrated, eat right, relax, you know what I mean? So just take the day off mentally. Just as important as physically."

On working with OL Sam Cosmi:
"I mean, we're doing great. That's my guy, man. We got a real good friendship going as the whole o-line it's building too. That's my guy. The communication's getting there, we're still hammering out some details, but it's been great locking down the right side with him."

On how much he takes out of these practices before putting pads on:
"It's good. I mean, we're still going at it, we're still getting good physical fits and everything, but right now we're just trying to see the big pictures. Seeing coverages, seeing how people place certain gaps. When the pads come on, it all ties together with the physicality, along with the mentality. But it's been a great first week."

On the Netflix Quarterback show:
"I've seen a little bit of it to be honest. I haven't finished it. These long days. I think it's great. They got some three talented quarterbacks on there, a lot of good footage. So, it's great to watch."

On anything he is specifically working on:
"Yeah, the pass set takes a lot of work. It's never truly a hundred percent there. So just staying square off the line, throwing both hands here and just competing until the whistle, you know what I mean? So it's just those three things that just stand square off the line and throwing those hands are something that I've been trying to work on every single day."

On the trash talk of the defensive line:
"Oh, yeah. You know, it goes both ways. That's how a defense should be, honestly. All great defensive lines talk that smack. It's great to see it brings up everyone's level of competitiveness, but yeah, we give it back to him a little bit. It goes both ways."

On not taking winning for granted:
"It's just taking one game at a time. It's in the training camp practices or the dog days that you truly learn to do that We have an off day tomorrow, I don't know what day it is, you know what I mean? So it's just, it's truly one day at a time, focus on today's work, what you need to get done today and then carrying that attitude to the season. It's a one-week season. We gotta win this game coming up. That it. That's the thought process that [Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy] EB he teaches to this offense and it's catching on."

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