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Ben Sinnott | 'The amount of things I can do is unlimited'

Kansas State tight end Ben Sinnott (34) during an NCAA football game on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023 in Columbia, Mo. (AP Photo/Colin E. Braley)
Kansas State tight end Ben Sinnott (34) during an NCAA football game on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023 in Columbia, Mo. (AP Photo/Colin E. Braley)

The Washington Commanders drafted tight end Ben Sinnott with the No. 53 overall pick. Here is a full transcript of his phone interview with the media.

On his thoughts about getting drafted to Washington:

"I'm so excited. This is an organization that I've been really hoping to get taken by and couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity."

On why he wanted to be drafted here:

"Yeah, I mean I just think since initial conversations, met with them at the Senior Bowl, met with them at the combine, through the post-combine process. Met with Coach [David] Raih on Zoom, the tight end coach, and I think we just clicked pretty easily. I love what [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Kliff] Kingsbury does. I've heard fantastic things on [Head] Coach [Dan] Quinn, so I'm really excited. I think the fit is perfect."

On what stood out about the meetings:

"Yeah, just kind of like what I said. I think it's very like-minded people. I mean, Coach Raih, we clicked very easily, had very similar values. So yeah, I felt very comfortable instantly."

On what his versatility can do in an NFL offense:

"Yeah, I mean I think it's just unlimited. The amount of things I can do is unlimited. With my alignments, with what [Kansas] K State trusted me with. I think Coach Kingsbury's going to have a lot of fun with what he can do and with where he can put me. So, I'm excited. I'm beyond pumped to be in a system like this."

On if he knows QB Jayden Daniels and how excited he is to play with Daniels:

"Man, I'm so excited. I actually threw with him a few times in California. We trained together, so we've been building a little bit of chemistry since that, so um, I'm pumped. He's a hell of an athlete. He's such a great player and great guy. So, man, I'm excited to see what we can do."

On what his emotions were when he got the call:

"It's tough to put into words. I got that call, my agent fooled me, actually. He was like, 'ah, I don't know if we'll be able to do it in a second,' and then get a call. So, I mean, those emotions are so great because all the hard work, all the dedication I made. I walked on, was a 205-pound kid coming to college. So, just knowing all that hard work, all that effort, is kind of coming into fruition, man. It means the world."

On what Commanders fans can expect from him on the field:

"Yeah, I mean, I just think a versatile weapon that's going to make plays every time he touches the ball. One that's going to do what he needs to do in the run game and be that big athlete and create mismatches in the pass game. So, I'm pumped to show the Commanders fans what I can do and what kind of connection that me and Jayden will have."

On what his Draft night has been like:

"Yeah, I mean it's been awesome. Just wanted to have something pretty low key. Just got my mom, my dad, my sister, my girlfriend, and then my uncle and his girlfriend. So wanted to keep it small, wanted to keep it with the people who've kind of had my back this whole process. So, it's been great kind of having those people who have been supporting me through it all, to kind of celebrate and be with me."

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