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Brian Robinson | 'I can do anything in the offensive playbook'

07282023 Training Camp KC35363

Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson addressed the media after practice on July 28. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

On what he did this offseason:

"Got off my feet. Got in the training room. Lost a little weight but meant more than anything I just mentally prepare myself for everything because if you ask me all of this stuff, we are doing, all of this stuff we are learning and just this whole game is, to me, I feel like just it's more mental than physical, so I got the physical part of it down. Anytime I step on the field I'll be ready. But mentally I had to prepare myself to come out here get ready for camp, get ready for all the new changes and all the new things coming around me and just mentally ready to take on a season. The biggest thing I did was just mentally prepare myself." 

On his weight:
"I'm probably at the same weight I started at last camp. You know, in the off season you'll put on a few pounds just sitting around a little bit but I'm at like 220, that's around the same weight I started camp with. When it comes to learning the offense, you know, [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator] EB [Eric Bieniemy] does a great job of just coaching the details. You know, making sure that everybody is learning the details of every play that gets installed and making sure he drill that into us when we step out on the field. He also does a great job of just making sure guys don't go without knowing their assignments. That's been great for us to just help us learn because there's so much being thrown in at around this time. cause we about to start up. I just feel like Coach EB has been doing a great job with making sure we learn the playbook."

On what he did to mentally prepare himself for this season:

"I just spent time to myself. Travel. Spend time with my friends and family, the people that was here with me before, you know, any of this came about. I just had those conversations and connect with those people that always had my back."

On how much he is looking forward to having a full season of being himself:
"I mean, I had a full training camp last year. There wasn't a day I missed. I was out there for every single day of camp last year. Obviously, the shooting happened a day after the last preseason game so that was literally the week before going to game week, so it was a very critical timing. But, this year, we're having to go through my second camp. I expect to have a great camp and I expect to roll into the season with all the momentum in the world just coming off a strong camp."

On grateful he is for the support he got after the shooting:
"I'm very grateful. It's not a day that I wake up and I'm not thankful and appreciative for everybody that was in my corner from the time everything happened to this point. I make sure I let everybody know every chance I get how much I appreciate them and how much I appreciate being here." 

On catching the ball out of the backfield and how much of that is tied to the new scheme:
"I mean, I've been able to catch the ball. Obviously, it's a scheme thing, you know, whatever Coach EB wants me to do. If you want me to run routes, you want me to catch the ball, I can do that. If you need me to run power, I can do that. The biggest thing for me, I just don't want to be one dimensional and I don't want to be just a power back. I want to be able to run routes, run down the field, catch the ball with soft hands and continue to grow my game." 

On the next step for him as a runner:
"The next step for me as a runner is just being able to real life make those big explosive plays. Like, you know, 50, 60-yard runs, touchdowns. Break off big runs to show people that I can run on the second and third levels. I can run past guys and I can run for a lot of yards."

*On if he ever felt like himself on the field last year: *"Never. From the time I stepped back on the field, I was dealing with all kinds of things going on in my body, you know from the incident I had, all type of things going on in my knee, everything going on in my hip. There wasn't one time I felt like Brian Robinson. So no, that's night and day from then to now. So, people should expect a lot great things to come when you compare all the things I did while I was limping around all year last year." 

On if he feels like himself now:
"I feel night and day from like last year, I feel more like myself more and more every day."

On how he sees his role evolving under Eric Bieniemy:
"I feel like I played in a strong role last year and I don't see much adjustment going on. And as far as my role, whatever I'm called on to do, I'll be ready for. I can do anything in the offensive playbook. Like I said, no limits on what I can do. And I let the coaches establish the role based off of how they use us and, you know, I just prepare for it every day."

On how Eric Bieniemy gets guys energized for practice:
"I think the biggest thing with Coach EB, he wants to bring out the best in you every chance he gets. So, some things he was like drilling in my head then he was just giving me a few pointers on just how to be a real pro, how to really take my game to the next level personally. Just finishing my plays, you know, finishing down the field, just being a pro and putting consistent behavior on the field. That was just some pointers he had kind of just left with me and that's enough for me to just go out there and do that." 

On signing for every fan at practice and how his perspective has changed coming into the season:
"My heart is big man. I have a big heart for the fans and everybody who's a part of what we are trying to do around here, and we are all in this together, you know? I love the fans, you know, I want the fans to know, be in tune. I want the fans to know what kind of people we truly are. And, you know, I want them to show up for us on Sundays. And I feel like I just leave something with them, just show them love and, you know, it's hot out here and they are standing out here watching us practice. I appreciate all that, you know, all the little things. And I just want the fans to know how much I appreciate having them so they can continue to support us and be there for us."

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