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Emmanuel Forbes | Chase Young has been 'an excellent mentor'

07262023 Training Camp EF00088

Washington Commanders cornerback Emmanuel Forbes addressed the media after practice on July 27. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On his progress from OTA's to training camp:

"Honestly just like knowing the playbook better and just being able to move around a little more freely and not worry about messing up." 

On adjustments he's made to accommodate to this level of play:
"I would say just my body honestly. Give a big shout out to the nutritionist here [Assistant Strength & Conditioning/Nutritionist Jake Sankal] and they've helped me understand my body more and just like, know my strengths and weaknesses."

On what did he focus on between minicamp and training camp:
"I've been training a lot. I had to go back home and see the family before I came back of course, but I've been training a lot."

On what he has seen from QB Sam Howell:
"Sam is a great quarterback, honestly. He knows how to place the ball. He knows how to control the offense and just make sure everybody knows what they're doing."

On his interactions with DE Chase Young:
"Chase, he's an excellent mentor. He's making sure I know what I'm doing and how I'm doing and just making sure I'm doing okay. He's just always talking to me, just giving me advice."

On the difference between guarding WR Terry McLaurin versus college receivers:
"Well you know Terry, he's one of the top receivers in the NFL. He just going out there making me better each day, each and every day, and making him better each and every day we compete."

On what makes WR Terry McLaurin special:
"Terry, he just knows and understands routes and like stems and things like that. He knows how to use his eyes well. So, I would say he has a big catch radius and he's really good at what he do."

On what he's learned from the nutritionist and how he is applying it to his diet:
"Honestly just eating healthy and just maintaining my weight, like helping me maintain my weight."

On one of his biggest learning points as a rookie:
"I would say just like taking it all in honestly. Just knowing that I'm at the highest level and I got to compete each and every day for my job."

On if he welcomes a leadership position amongst rookies:
"We all take accountability in everything we do. Of course, I was drafted first round, but we all got to compete each and every day, just like anybody else on the team. We just always around each other and just talking to each other."

On if there is a specific meaning behind his chains:
"So my gold one was passed down from my dad and it just keeps getting passed down, but the rest of them are just my everyday chains I wear."

On if maintaining weight was a struggle before:
"I used to eat out a lot, so the eating healthy thing is just helping my body just stay fresh and recover better."

On his diet:
"I eat a lot of like fish and not a lot of greasy foods, so things like that."

On his most comfortable weight:
"Honestly, between 170 and 180."

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