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Jack Del Rio | 'We promised we'd go in there and strain for 60 minutes'

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On his thoughts about DE Chase Young's return:
"It was great to have him back. He brings a lot of energy. He loves football and he's infectious."

On Young's impact on everyone else:

"The more good players you have on the field, the harder it is for the defense or for the offense to handle what you're bringing. Just another good player added. Happy to have him involved. He did a great job staying into it mentally and doing all the things he could do, and it was a good start."

On LB Jamin Davis' forced fumble and overall performance:

"He's playing well. He was impactful in the game and I thought he and [LB] Cody [Barton] both had good games, played well, were impactful for us, and it was good to see."

On CB Emmanuel Forbes Jr.'s performance:

"Guys [got] some good, some like to have better, but I thought one thing that was really good was that the moment everybody, I told him this is the NFL, everybody can make plays. So if you happen to give one up, you need to move on. Nobody's sweating that. That's what he did. I thought he did a nice job of just settling down, continuing to compete, and end up coming with a big play later in the game. That's what we're going to need from him."

On if Davis being a former first round pick affecting the amount of snaps he plays:

"I would say about zero, zero percent involved in my thinking, zero percent. I'd say what I'm thinking about is deploying 11 guys against the things they're trying to do and give us the best chance to be successful. Help get the ball back for our offense, help the team win. That's all we're about. I think he's doing a good job. I think he's developing, I think he's off to a really good start to the season so that's great. We need that from all our guys. Where we weren't as sharp as we want to be, we clean it up. But we are moving forward and it's all about Buffalo right now."

On balancing putting in players who are performing well versus players who matchup well:

"That's the art to it. That's part of what you do. That's why we spend so much time as coaches, game planning, looking at our strengths and weaknesses and matching it with the team, the opponent we're going up against. Putting together the best plan we can and then we go compete."

On his definition of a great defensive performance:

"One that helps the team win. It's all about the team and winning. Individual accolades and being able to beat your chest, that's all great, but really it comes down to the longer you're around the game, you recognize it's all about winning. It's all about our fans are going to go home happy when we win and we're going to have great Mondays when we win. It's all about the team doing all it can, and sometimes it's collectively. Sometimes one phase is operating at a higher level than another, but we all pull together and come out with a win."

On how the defense raises or meets his high standards as they have more time together:

"I think, as a defense coordinator, I establish high standards, my expectations, the things that I want us to strive for, but ultimately it needs to be something that the players grab and they make it something they're pushing and demanding of each other. When that happens, then really great things can occur."

On if those high standards come into effect after the slow start in Denver:

"I think more than anything we promised we'd go in there and strain for 60 minutes and it took every second of those 60 minutes. Things happen. Plays are going to be made. We're going to keep coming. We're going to be relentless. We're going to be urgent and we're going to compete."

On the Buffalo Bills using 12 personnel significantly more than last season affecting the gameplan:

"They drafted a tight end in the first round. He's a pretty good player. They are a concept driven unit. They do a great job. They've got good people. They've been explosive, and they've done it for a long time. Ever since that that big athletic quarterback has been there, they've been tough to deal with. They've got a really good offense and that is really good team."

On what it tells him that the Bills went for it four times on fourth down:

"That's in their DNA, that's becoming more and more popular. I think people are going back and realizing what Jack Del Rio did in Jacksonville years ago. I took heat because it was like, you can't do that that's not Madden that you're playing. No, it's prevalent in the league right now. Teams are being aggressive going for it on fourth down, and certainly they have shown that."

On his mindset during the 18-point deficit in Denver:
"Keep fighting and that's what I conveyed to our guys. We keep playing, one play at a time, you just don't know and that was kind of proof how we just were steadfast, there was a stretch where we went six series. We had a couple three and outs, we had a couple turnovers forced, held 'em to a field goal on a short field and that was huge. So, that stretch of six series allowed us to have a chance to take over the game offensively really did a great job. That's what we're all about. Just keep competing."

On what he has seen from the 'Cinco package':

"You know I'm not talking about that. But no, we're not talking details of our packages. When we put our five bigs in there, they do a good job."

On the rise of offensive aggressiveness in the league and how that changes defensive strategy:
"Well, the game's growing. I mean, it's constantly changing. The quarterback run, you had to worry about a few different guys, now everybody runs, everybody runs a quarterback, everybody has guys that can move around and extend plays, and that's just an element that's part of it, an aggressive nature. Looking for shots, looking for opportunities to develop explosive plays, that's just part of today's NFL. It's a long time that I've been in the league and watching where it was and where it is, and it continues at warp speed continues to move into a more space, more speed is required to deal with the speed and space that we're facing."

On if he thinks there is a ceiling to offensive aggressiveness:

"Oh no, it'll just keep going, keep going. It's great stuff. That's what keeps us up at night working."

On defensive strategy facing a versatile quarterback such as Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen:
"Yeah, that's the key, to be on the hunt. Because you have to rush, and you have to go, but you have to have that awareness of the pack so you keep 'em trapped. So that's the challenge. When a guy's a big gifted athlete like Josh is, that makes it just a bigger challenge."

On how many times a defense could run a QB spy in a game:

"[You could] Do it as often as you want."

On the Hail Mary Denver touchdown:
"It was poor execution on our part to allow that to occur. We were fortunate that we were able to make that play to get the stop after that. We feel like we're well prepared for that, but that obviously didn't come off the way you'd like."

On if the reviewed their scheme for Hail Mary's:
"Yeah, look, structurally and schematically, we're always going to look at everything that occurs and make sure we're doing the best things that we can to give us the best chance. We did not execute well there and that's a chance to grow."

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