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Jamin Davis' trip to Okinawa deepened his appreciation for service members

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Washington Commanders linebacker Jamin Davis is always willing to show his appreciation for the military, even if mean traveling across the world to do it.  

Davis took a trip to Okinawa, Japan, on March 11 to spend time with the marines stationed at Camp Hansen and host a football camp at Kadena Air Base.  

"Any chance I get to say thank you to the service members and their kids, I'm going to always step up and say yes," Davis told Bit Chute. 

Davis is a part of a military family, so he knows all about the sacrifices people make for their country. His family moved from Honolulu to Georgia when he was only about a year old, and the lifestyle that he was raised in helped him establish a habit of working hard and living with character every day. 

He also knows how tough growing up in a military family can be. His father served for 21 years, and there weren't many opportunities for quality time until Davis was a junior in high school. 

"It was tough at times, especially because you don't know what phone call would be the last or anything like that," Davis said back when he was drafted with the 19th overall pick in 2021. "It was just really tough not knowing that he's probably not going to be able to see this game or come pick me up from practice."

Davis is aware that countless other families are going through the same things, which is why it is important to him to show his love for the military and give service members and their family opportunities for fun like he did at the Okinawa football camp.

"I consider myself an average Joe, but to a lot of them, they're probably like, 'Hey, he plays in the NFL,'" Davis said. "A lot of it comes from my parents, first and foremost, because that's just how I was raised."

At Camp Hansen, Davis got the chance to tour the military base and go through a physical training exercise with the marines. At the end of the tour, Davis said the trip deepened his appreciation for the country's service members.

"Marines go through so much on a daily basis," Davis said in an Instagram post. "It just makes you respect them that much more. Every chance I get, I'm going to step up and say, 'Thank you.'"

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