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Joey Slye | 'I just go out and handle my own business'


Washington Commanders kicker Joey Slye addressed the media after practice on Aug. 7. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On his approach to the competition:
"I feel like going into year five if you don't know already by now, being in the NFL, you're going to be competing against everyone anyway, whether they're at camp or not. I've had situations where I didn't have competition in camp and I got cut when I was in Carolina, and I've had situations where I've had competition in camp and they've cut them after. I just go out and handle my own business and kind of let all the cards fall where they may. I know the confidence I have in myself and my abilities and if I'm at my best, I feel like I could be one of the best." 

On if he knew they would bring a kicker into camp:

"I didn't know if they were or weren't, didn't really care if they were or weren't. I knew that I had stuff that I needed to work on coming into this year anyway. I had a little hiccup towards the end of last year and didn't put the final stamp that I wanted to on it. I knew I had stuff that I needed to work on and continue to progress in. Like I said, going into year five for me, I still got things I'm working on to be the best that I can be. So for me it was, regardless if they brought someone in or not, I was still going to be doing the same thing." 

On where he improved:

"Obviously my PAT's has been a topic of discussion. I just need to be more consistent when it comes to those. For me, just consistency in my steps, set up, everything like that has been something I've been progressing since I was a rookie. I feel like I'm peaking right now. I feel like I'm kicking really well and having a really good off season. I feel like I'm poised to have a really good year." 

On LS Cameron Cheeseman snaps:

"I mean, to be honest with you, I'm glad that [P] Tress Way is the middleman between me and the snaps so I don't have to worry about a lot of stuff. I know that they're working on what they need to work on. Cheese is doing what he needs to do and then obviously Tress, being the vet that he is, is doing a great job of helping mentor him. They'll kind of handle the things up front and I try to take care of the things in the back end." 

On how things have changed day-to-day:

"Nothing really changes. I came in and had a workout with them and since I've gotten here I've had pretty good chemistry down here in Washington. I have complete confidence in Tress and Cheese that they're going to figure their stuff out and I know they have confidence that I'm going to take care of things on my end as well." 

On new kickoff rules:

"I do feel bad for some of the guys, if things change, where there's less opportunities for kickoffs. I do feel bad for the guys that make their money on kickoff. We've kind of talked about some of the things that may change and it might not be a big issue. I mean, most of the guys that are getting paid to return kicks are going to want to return kicks if it's a returnable ball. The teams that are used to taking touch backs anyway, most of the time we're probably going to still take those touch backs. I know with college and the NFL we've seen them kind of do it in college and the expectations that we might bring into the NFL, but I think it might be a little bit different. At the end of the day, if they start taking away some of the reps from some of those guys that make their money that way, [S] Jeremy Reaves goes to the Pro Bowl last year because he's making tackles on special teams all the time. I just hope guys like that don't get a lot of stuff taken away from them." 

On if the new rules change the way he kicks:

"No. With my leg, I'll probably just be sending in touchbacks."

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