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Quotes: Jay Gruden 10-26-18

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injuries:

"Okay, out will be Jamison Crowder, ankle. Questionable will be [Quinton] Dunbar, shin; [Paul] Richardson, shoulder-knee and [Chris] Thompson, knee-rib."

On CB Quinton Dunbar practicing today:

"Quinton didn't do much today, no. We will check him out on game day."

On how Dunbar did running yesterday:

"He did OK. He's improving that's for sure, so we'll see."

On if Dunbar will see another doctor:

"We'll see how it goes next week. Make sure he's progressing the right way."

On RB Chris Thompson's workload today:

"Well, we didn't run many plays today being it is Friday so he did a couple plays."

On if Thompson did more this week in practiced in comparison to last week:

"At this time? Yeah, zero last week."

On the defense limiting tight ends this year and what he attributes that to:

"I think just all around good coverage. When we're man-to-man, our safeties have done a good job having to cover them or our backers. Josh Harvey [Clemons] has done a good job. Pass rush improved a little bit. It depends on the coverage – who's where, if it's zone or if it's man. But, I think everybody has their hand in it."

On the rotation of LB's Zach Brown and Josh Harvey-Clemons:

"It's going good, it's going good. Zach had, I think, his best game last week and he's doing better and better and Josh Harvey, we've asked him to come in there in some passing situations and cover some people, cover Zeke [Elliott] last week, sometimes he'll cover a tight end, it just depends. This week he could be on [Saquon] Barkley from time to time so we'll have to wait and see, but he's doing good."

On using Harvey-Clemons in pass coverage:

"Well, he's long and he's pretty athletic so we ask him to get out there when teams get the empties out there on an island sometimes, but he's a guy that can run with his length. He can cover a little bit better than some of the other guys. He'll be challenged from time to time, but he's been up to it so far."