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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Eagles Practice Week


With the team's practice prep for the Philadelphia Eagles complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

1. Interim head coach Bill Callahan on how he feels about the young players being building blocks for the future:

"I think it's going to be awesome. Start with the quarterback then look at the receivers. You look at Terry McLaurin and you look at Kelvin Harmon. Look at what Steven Sims [Jr.] did [against Green Bay]. You have a young tight end in Hale Hentges, you got [Jeremy] Sprinkle. You've got some young players out there at the skill position, even Cam Sims played yesterday. There's a lot of good building blocks, and you move across the ball and you can see the same thing in that instance as well."

2. Running back Chris Thompson on the grit of the team as it battles through all of the injuries:

"We're never gonna quit. We're not a great situation right now, but every single guy in this locker room is doing everything to help us win. I love that about these guys, and that's what you want to see. [Dwayne Haskins] just kept fighting, he showed us just how bad he wants it and that's good to see out of a young quarterback."

3. Linebackers coach Rob Ryan on what has allowed rookie linebacker Cole Holcomb to have such success so far:

"The physical traits that he has, those are things that are going to work for him for a long time. He's physical into blockers, he's physical getting off of blockers, he can run down backs because of his speed. He's going to be a special player."

4. Running back Adrian Peterson on if he's energized by all of the young talent on this team:

"Yeah definitely. Did you see that catch by [Terry McLaurin] in the end zone? That was an amazing catch in a critical time for us, [Kelvin Harmon], [Cole Holcomb] on the defensive side of the ball, [Jimmy Moreland], all these guys are playing outstanding. That's the incredible thing, these guys are young. These guys are just getting into the groove and getting opportunities."

5. Safety Landon Collins on the progression he's seen from the young defensive players over the past six games:

"We know how to play. We know how to play through anything. Next year is going to be crazy, honestly. The kind of guys I got around me are the kind of guys who know how to play through anything. From that standpoint I think it's gonna be good."

6. Guard Ereck Flowers on the relationships he's developed with the offensive line group:

"I think I've grown comfortable with the whole group. It's a really good group. Everyone has each other's back. There's no ill will in the room. Everybody wants to see everybody do well. It's been a great room, it's been positive."

Take a look at practice photos from Thursday's practice for the upcoming game.

7. Quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. on how he would characterize his progression as a player and a leader:

"I feel like being a leader, you can't necessarily worry about what everyone else thinks. As a young guy trying to lead men, it's something you have to continuously grow at and figure out what needs to be done as a quarterback, as a leader, as someone who's looked to as a leader whether you want to be or not."

8. Interim head coach Bill Callahan on how the Eagles offense has changed after several injuries to the wide receiver position:

"You see a little bit more of [one running back, two tight end] and [one running back, three tight end] packages. You see [the tight ends] being featured more down the field as well. They've just really substituted their route structure with tight ends as opposed to wideouts. Their tight ends pose a problem for us. They're just as good as wideouts. I mean, you watch [Zach] Ertz run down the field. It's like watching an X receiver run down the field and make the intermediate cuts and plays with just about the same type of speed."

9. Adrian Peterson on how he relishes being the focus in the run game:

"It's just a mentality that I have, a mentality that I've been having my entire career. I want to be that guy that helps the team to a championship, that you gotta rely on heavily in the run game. That will always be my mindset, whether I'm splitting carries or not."

10. Dwayne Haskins on how wide receiver Steven Sims Jr. has progressed in his role:

"He's doing a great job as far as getting better with his route running. He's a very shifty guy, so sometimes he can put himself out of place, but he definitely does a great job getting open, and I feel like he's continuing to get better with understanding the concept of where he's at in the progression. He's doing a great job at that."

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