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Ron Rivera | 'I think the guys are working hard at it'

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Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera addressed the media on Dec. 1. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On if CB Emmanuel Forbes Jr. will play again this season:
"Oh yeah. He's gotten better. I mean, we had a custom brace made for him. He's been getting his treatment and I believe today was his fitting. Now it's just a matter of time. Obviously, if we played next week, I believe he would play."

On how the team has responded to him taking over defensive play calling:
"I think it's been really good, I really do. I think the guys are working hard at it, they've always worked hard. I just think some of the things that we're doing are going to be a little bit different to them. We're trying to put them in the positions to have success and we'll see how it goes."

On if he sees the defense differently through being more hands-on:
"I have. I've seen a few things differently and it's been real interesting. It's kind of you see things and listen to things even more so now. It's been kind of interesting just to watch how some of these young guys, you can see them start to get things, you see them struggling with other things. [I] get an opportunity to pull the guy aside and say, 'Hey, look at it this way, try this.' It's been where I spend more time, it's not like, 'Okay, I go from [there], I'm over here now, I'm over there.' I really am just staying in one spot."

On what he has noticed with certain defensive players from a gameplan perspective:
"Well, I mean, we can use certain guys in certain spots, most certainly. Some of it will be matching personnel groups, try to get guys on the field and watch them play as well. So, just kind of looking forward to the opportunity."

On Miami Dolphins RB De'Von Achane:
"Oh, we looked at him a lot. We liked who he is, we liked his play speed, his ability to come out of the backfield and catch the ball. In this league, you have to have more than just one really good back. I mean, they have a really, really good back [Raheem Mostert] and going out and drafting him adds more to that group. It's interesting because they run a lot of what we call 21-Pony, where they use the two backs, and they do a lot of different things with them. It's really part of what they do. Schematically, they move those guys around, they put them in positions, like their running backs, they put in positions, like their wide receivers, they put in positions, like their tight ends. When you have athletes with that kind of versatility, it creates a lot of problems for the defense."

On if his film study routine has changed since taking over defensive play calling:
"Yes, it does, it most certainly does. Traditionally, I would watch it more in the flow of the game. Now, I'm watching specific areas even more so. Like, I'll sit there and spend more time watching the red zone and spend time watching situational football, trying to go through that instead of just watching the flow of the game. I don't get to spend as much time watching offensive stuff like I had in the past as well."

On how versatile the Dolphins offensive players are:

"Well, it's going to be alright. [laughs] To me, it's not just with [WR] Tyreek [Hill], but with the way they do move guys around. If they put Tyreek in the backfield and you don't adjust for that, you're going to now have a mismatch and that's what they're looking for. So, you just got to make adjustments for it. Once you make an adjustment for it, you're also telling them what you're in, in terms of coverages or stuff like that. Then when they move guys around and shifts and motions, they're trying to create angles, blocking angles, or route running angles. In other words, if I'm coming across in motion and I'm coming fast and the defender is not adjusting with me, the quarterback reads that too. He knows, 'Oh, I've got a chance to throw a pass here.' Or if this guy comes and he's coming fast and I get a little outside and he says, 'Oh, I can hand it off because that creates a positive angle for our blockers.' I mean, those are types of things that are being created with his motions and shifts."

On how to defend Hill:
"Stay deep. I mean, you have to make sure there's somebody over the top of him. I think it also tells you that you've also got to make sure that you are playing to your leverage. You have to understand where your safety help is, where the linebacker help is or where the corner's helping if he's inside. I mean, you have to know those things going in if you're the one that's over the top of him or inside of him, or outside of him."

On how much Hill's presence opens up other receivers:
"Oh, it opens it up for everybody else. I mean, if you spend too much time on one guy, the other guys have to step up. It all depends on what your philosophy is for that play. We're not going to let him beat us on this coverage call, so those other guys are the guys that the quarterback will have a better chance to get the ball to because you've spent so much time on that individual."

On how he feels the players have responded to his defensive changes thus far:
"I think they've done well. I think they get it and they understand what I'm looking for. Not that they didn't understand what Jack [Del Rio] was looking for, it's just a different approach."

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