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Ron Rivera | 'You want to see these guys continue to grow, continue to get better as football players'

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Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera addressed the media on Nov. 27. Here is a full transcript of the press conference.

On what he can change on defense to make an immediate impact:

"Well, I think some of the things that we need to look at obviously is just creating those opportunities for the players to be successful, paring down some of the things that we've done from the past and just trying to get them to play fast."

On how he can pare the defense down:
"Well, I think eliminating some of the tools, the checks that we've used in the past and just really almost to a point where, 'Hey, you draw them, you write them.'"

On how to get the defensive line to apply more pressure:
"I think we've got to look at some movements as far as those guys up front are concerned and give them an opportunity to create some one-on-ones for our tackles. That's one thing we've noticed is [that] there's been a little bit more obvious attention being paid to our defensive tackles both [DT] Jonathan [Allen] and [DT] Daron [Payne]. So, we've got to try and create some situations where they end up getting singled up a little bit more and hopefully that'll help them."

On if he expects G/T Saahdiq Charles to come off IR this season:
"We do. Again, it's a couple things, it's going to be help based obviously and then the next thing being more so than anything else is the opportunity because once we make decisions on players coming back, obviously you've got to find that spot where you're going to put them."

On where he expects to see continued growth:
"Well, just for the most part, for the team in general. I mean, again, you want to see these guys continue to grow, continue to get better as football players and do the things that they can and they're capable of. And just really refine those things and see if we can create some opportunities to make some big things happen."

On how to balance the passing game and playing complementary football:

Well, they can. Again, a lot of it has to do with completions, obviously is a really big thing. Then being able to run the football based on certain points of the game. You get into certain situations, certain circumstances, you want to be able to run the ball no matter what they are."

On if he will have to put more of an emphasis on time management now that he's also calling the defense:
"Exactly that, is time management. Obviously, we'll be tasked with that and whenever there's an opportunity, we try to take it. Obviously, [Director of Football Communications] Sean [DeBarbieri] was able to force me to give you guys this opportunity."

On if he attends different meetings due to the coaching change:
"Absolutely. A lot of things have changed and again, just got to look at opportunities to take care of certain things, other things obviously have been handed off to other folks. But more importantly, focusing on the defense and then the game itself are probably the two biggest priorities I have."

On what challenges arise from switching the defensive voice midway through the season:
"I think the biggest challenge more than anything else is just keeping them focused, keeping them right where they need to be and understanding that what we're doing is trying to create opportunities and we'll see what happens."

On if he collects feedback from the players when he takes over the defense:
"That is one thing you do is you most certainly want to make sure you talk to specific guys. And that's what I did on Friday and on Saturday and then today. We'll continue to take input from those guys, but also more importantly, talking to the coaches, listening to the position coaches and kind of getting some feedback from them as well, just going from there.

On how much of the remaining weeks will be used to evaluate the roster and the future of certain players:

"I think it's more about the guys that are playing right now. And again, seeing them grow and develop. I think that's really one of the more important things is playing with who you have. We're not going to reach out and just throw somebody out there for the sake of say, 'Well, I wanted to see what he did.' I think this is more about, this is who we have and let's continue to work with them and continue to help them grow and develop."

On where CB Emmanuel Forbes Jr. is and on if the remaining stretch is important for him:

"Oh, absolutely. I think a big part of it is where the elbow is. He did have a pretty significant injury there and so we'll see how he is and how treatments are going and from there we'll decide or the training staff and doctors will decide when's the best opportunity to get him back on the football field."

*On if he likes the hands-on approach of calling the defense: *"It's most certainly different and just takes a little bit to get used to. And again, one of the really cool things has been working with the staff a little bit closer on some of these things and some of these items as we prepare the game plan."

*On how long it takes for him to get in a defensive play-calling rhythm: *"I think the biggest thing is just paying attention and watching the game tape and really just taking the notes from each game that we've had this year. I think it's just a matter of getting a sense and a feel for what our guys do best. And that will come on as each game unfolds. It has its own personality and then you've got to be able to match that personality with what you're calling and how you're calling it."

*On if he still has the challenge flag and on how it will be managing the team overall and calling the defense: *"It'll be one of those things where you've got to really rely on who's upstairs more so than anything else because when you come off the field there'll be a couple of things that you've got to get worked out quickly with the staff and then the players and then just be ready to react to what's going on with the challenges, if there is one that needs to be done."

On if the extra days off help the team in terms of energy heading into the Miami Dolphins game:

"I think it takes a little bit off their mind, gives them a chance to relax and get away from it. Hopefully, some of these guys come back and they're a little more energized, a little more focused and we'll see how they handle it and how they react to things tomorrow."

On Frank Reich being fired by the Carolina Panthers after 11 games as the head coach:

"That's not my department to talk about."

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