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After 30 Years, Hogettes Hanging It Up


After three decades of leading the fans on the sideline and in the community, the Redskins super fan group known as the Hogettes has decided to retire.

In an official statement posted by Mikey T. on the official Hogettes website, 'Boss Hogette' cited an exciting new era in Washington football, and a need to pass the torch:

"After 30 seasons, the Hogettes® are hanging up our pig snouts & dresses. It has been an honor being a part of the greatest 12th Man fans in the NFL. We will forever be Redskins' fans and cheer for our beloved team. It is a new era and we will continue to support RG3 and his teammates. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! We will also continue to help (incognito) raise money for Children's Charities."

The Hogettes were created out of an affection for the Redskins' offensive line in the 1980s, known simply as "The Hogs." From there, Mikey T. and company brought the costumes to RFK Stadium for their debut in 1983.

Over the next 30 years, the Hogettes have been a rallying point for Redskins Nation during good times and bad, putting a friendly face to one of the top sporting fan bases in the world.

In an interview this morning with, Mikey T. said he never expected the success or notoriety that came with the costumes--he was just being a passionate Redskins fan.

"Oh, absolutely not. We were just having fun and The Hogs were an integral part of the success of the team," he explained. "You just take it one day at a time, and all of a sudden, 30 years of flashed by."

Outside of football, the Hogettes have been a force in the community, helping to raise more than $100 million for charities in the Washington D.C. community.

"This gave us an opportunity to raise money for children's charities on a year-round basis was just great," he said.

Mikey T. said the decision to retire is bittersweet, but the group made the decision knowing that the void would be filled by other fans.

"The new fandom is doing a great job, and FedEx was really loud during this year's playoff run," he said. "The Redskins' 12th Man is a solid group. Redskins Nation is really widespread and is one of the biggest fan clubs in the world.

"The Redskins are charging ahead and I'm excited to watch."

Check back on later today for a full tribute to the Hogettes. Also visit their website for more information on their influence in the Washington community.




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