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Antonio Gibson | 'We're just trying to build right now and continue to build forward and continue to make each other better'

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Washington Commanders running back Antonio Gibson addressed the media after Washington's preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

On making a statement with today's game:

"Y'all can take it like that but we're just trying to build right now and continue to, like I said continue to build forward and continue to make each other better. I feel like we're doing that right now but like I said we still have a few things to clean up."

On how rewarding the touchdown drive was:

"It was good, especially in that situation. Shoutout to Mo for making that guy go over the top and making things easier for the both of us."

On what he thought of the crowd and the excitement from this preseason game:

"I enjoyed it. Like I said I can't wait to keep being out in front of the fans out there and keep this journey going and keep winning for them."

On if he can see all of the pieces starting to pull together:

"Definitely we're steady growing with the new offense and the new OC's and the new plays. It's starting to come together and you can see it out there in pieces. We still got some things to correct. We're still moving forward though."

On how big this win was:

"It was a good feeling especially in a tight game like that to see those guys come down and close it at the end like that and to see those long drives you know and to finish with a touchdown that's an incredible thing for anybody."

On how QB Sam Howell has played during these preseason games:

"Super comfortable, confident. I would say he's got a lil swag to him."

On the new offense:

"I'm enjoying it. Still gotta fix the little details. You know clean up everything but other than that we're getting to it and starting to move a little bit."

On if stopping the Baltimore Ravens streak matters to him at all:

"Not really. You know, it's a preseason game but at the end of the day it's still a win for us so we just wanna continue to build on that as we head into the season."

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