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Jim Haslett Full Transcript: 09/26

On Thursday, September 26, 2013, Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett addressed the media before an afternoon practice at Redskins Park in Ashburn, VA.

. On the importance of keeping a steady demeanor when a team is struggling:
"I'm always the same through the good times and the bad times, but I believe the way our guys are working, and we went through this last year, that we'll find a way out of it. I thought we made great improvement this week. We just had a few things go wrong, but in the run game we were much better. I thought we did a good job in that part. We could have done even better. I'll stay the same through the whole thing."
On if this year feels similar to last year:
"I don't know. I don't gauge it that way, I just gauge it by what I see."
On adjusting during games:
"You do that throughout the game. I thought we made adjustments throughout the game. We went in with a plan, changed it, they changed, we changed back. We actually adjusted four, five, six times trying to counterpunch what they were doing throughout the game."
On if his use of the defensive backs is related to game plans or personnel:
"That's something you have got to kind of figure out. We just tried to utilize our players based on what they come out in and what kind of personnel they are using. I think we have some flexibility with the secondary. Some safeties can play corner and vice versa. We just try to utilize our players the best we can to give us our best matchup."
On linebacker Nick Barnett and if he thinks he will continue to give linebacker London Fletcher breaks as the year goes on:
"I thought Nick played pretty well. Nick is still in the learning process of the scheme but he brings energy. He loves football. He runs around. He truly is a love-of-the-game [player]. He's into football. I don't know if it will expand. We feel good about all of our players playing. If somebody gets tired we tell our guys, 'If you can't go 100 miles an hour all day, take yourself out and we'll put somebody in.' We have enough guys that are good players and can go in and there's not a big drop off."
On playing man coverage and his mindset on if he knows some big plays will occur as a result:
"You know, you are going against a great receiver first of all, and we matched [cornerback] DeAngelo [Hall] –
I thought DeAngelo had a heck of a day on him, but he's going to get some catches. We understand that. The thing we want to do is, number one, stop the run, and then get some pressure on the quarterback. We had 18 quarterback hit. We just had one sack. We gave up a couple of big plays because we had a missed assignment and blew a coverage but that's the stuff we have to keep working at and getting better."
On how much of offense's success this year league-wide are related to new rules and if it changes his expectations for his defensive numbers:
"I think it depends on who you play week in week out. We've played some great quarterbacks the first couple of weeks. You play [Green  Bay Packers quarterback] Aaron Rodgers and [Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew] Stafford, I think each of them threw for 5,000 yards last year. It all depends on who you are playing. If you're playing somebody who's not as good, obviously the numbers will be down. In this league, all those stats, all those numbers are based off of who you are playing and what division you are in and what quarterbacks you're going to play every week."
On if he expects rookie mistakes from cornerback David Amerson:
"Obviously, we try to eliminate every single one. We had the one last week, but that's something we just have got to keep working at as coaches and put him through it and make sure he sees everything so when he gets out there nothing really surprises him. Obviously, we didn't do a very good job last week."
On if Amerson has made progress each week:
"Yeah, I think it's a learning process. Remember he's a junior coming out, a young guy, this is really his senior year in college, so you're going to have some of those. Obviously we don't want to have them. We have got to eliminate those things. To be a good defense, to get back to where this football team needs to be, we've got to cut all those out."
On safety Bacarri Rambo:
"He's going to be a good player. We just feel good about [safety] Brandon [Meriweather] right now playing, and obviously the situation last week with the three wide receivers, we wanted to get another corner on the field so that's kind of why we went in that direction. We feel good about Bacarri and his progress and he's going to be a good football player."
On what he is looking to do going into the bye week:
"I'm looking to try to get a win and then we'll figure everything else out. I think before you can get anything going, you've got to get a win. So we'll go out there this week, we're going to practice – we had a great practice yesterday. We'll go out there this week, try to get a win, then we'll figure out what we're doing."
On how not knowing which Oakland quarterback they will face has complicated his preparation:
"First of all, he [Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor] is a great athlete. He's a big guy. He's fast, mobile, athletic, got a great arm. Obviously that's a problem for anybody, and the other guys behind him are good football players. Solid. So we'll be ready for either one based off who plays. They are both pretty good football players. One is different than the other, but one is really athletic."
On his plan for Rambo's playing time against Oakland:
"I don't know. We'll base everything off practice and what we're doing."
On if he can make quicker adjustments from the coaching booth:
"We made a bunch of them last week. We were on the go. Like I said, they were making one, we made one, they made one, we made one, just trying to keep the upper hand."
On if he realized that would be one of the main benefits of coaching from the booth:
"Yeah, there is a benefit to it. You see things a lot faster."
On the run defense:
"We've been good at stopping the run since I've been here. I think that's what the defense is built for. We got away from it the first two games. We didn't play our base defense. We got away from playing it. We played some nickel. We wanted to get back to doing what we do best. I thought if we did a better job in some of the areas of tackling – because they had an 11-yard run on missed tackles, they had an eight-yard run on missed tackles – we could have held Detroit to under 30 yards in rushing. So that's just something – we thought we did a good job in that area. Obviously, we've got to keep improving in that, in tackling, and then the coverage part of it."
On the similarities between the offenses run by Terrelle Pryor and Michael Vick:
"I think it's two different schemes, two different ways. They're just kind of hitting the edge with Terrelle. But it's totally two different ways of thinking."
On if in-game adjustments can be practiced or are all within the flow of the game:
"Well, you do both. Sometimes it comes up in a game; sometimes you anticipate it. We try to hit all of those things in practice and in our meetings in case it does come up. Sometimes you see things that you've never seen before and you just try to adjust as you can."
On the team's third-down defense:
"We did much better. I think they were 4-for-13, I think it was, but they were like 3-for-4 at one time. We did a better job on third down. As it wore on, we did some things that we normally do. We had some blitzes and some coverages, we just did a better job."
On the situations in which he will try to spell Fletcher:
"It's not the situation. We tell the players this: 'As long as you can go 100 miles an hour, you can go all day. If not, come on out, give yourself a breather, and we'll put whoever else is behind you in.' It's not us really looking to spell him, it's really his call."
On if when Fletcher rests is his decision:
"If he can't go 100 miles an hour and he's tired or whatever, then he's got to come out, or he should come out."
On if he saw a benefit in resting Fletcher:
"You'd probably have to ask London on that, because I'm more in-tuned to the game – I'm not really sure. If I was down on the field, I would probably have a better feel for it. Slow [Linebackers Coach Bob Slowik] would handle that part of it… Let me tell you this: London played his butt off. Twelve tackles, flying around, I thought he was outstanding. I thought it was his best game he's played this year."

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