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Mike Shanahan Full Transcript: 10/11

On Friday, Oct. 11, 2013, Redskins HC Mike Shanahan addressed the media following afternoon practice at Redskins Park in Ashburn, VA.

. On the injury report:
"[Nose tackle] Chris Neild is doubtful. [Linebacker] Brandon Jenkins with his ankle… we'll test him out before the game, see how he is. Same with [tight end] Logan [Paulsen] and his knee. Probable would be [tight end] Fred [Davis], [kicker] Kai [Forbath], [running back] Alfred [Morris] and [tight end] Jordan Reed."
On if linebacker Rob Jackson and defensive end Jarvis Jenkins will play on Sunday:
"That's a question mark right now. Same thing we've talked about – we'll take a look at their body of work and talk about that and make a decision before the game."
On if he is pleased with what he has seen from Jackson and Jenkins in practice this week:
"Yes, there have been some pluses."
On if Jackson spending time at the facility during his suspension puts him at an advantage:
"I think it always helps when you're here, but both guys worked out hard. They both seem to be in fairly good shape."
On if he would like to see wide receiver Josh Morgan get more opportunities to return kicks:
"Not a lot of people have [gotten that opportunity]. They're kicking the ball so deep. A lot of people across the NFL are taking it out anywhere from five, six, seven, eight yards and you see a lot of tackles inside the 20 [yard line]. Guys want a chance, so guys are taking chances. I'm not sure if it's not more prudent of us to kick that far back and take it on the 20 [yard line] and kind of go from there. But those are decisions we work on quite a bit, and hopefully we'll make the right decision and when we do take it out, we get some big plays."
On how deep in the end zone a kickoff must land in order for the team not to attempt a return:
"Usually, the standard is five [yards], but you never know with the hang-time. Sometimes five, seven yards deep may be a 3.7 [second] hang-time compared to 4.1 or 4.2. It has a lot to do
with the trajectory of the ball."

On what challenges are presented by the Dallas Cowboys running much of their offense out of the slot:
"They do so many things. They go slot. They go base. They'll go different personnel groups. Like most NFL teams, they'll try to keep you off balance. They'll try to get matchups or mismatches working up your personnel. They'll change it up. I think that was happening [in] the last couple of games, [with] what they've been able to do throwing the football. Like anything, they have a philosophy and they stick with it."
On the way Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's mobility separates him from others in the NFL:
"He's got a good feel of when to bail out. A lot of quarterbacks will take off too quick. He's got a good feel of when to throw the ball downfield reading different coverages. If it does get a little tight, he can step up. He's got a good feel of when to slide or when to bail out. A lot of guys just bail out all the time. Some guys will step up like he does quite a bit and attack the line of scrimmage and still throw the ball downfield. With his experience and his expertise, he's been able to do both, which really causes problems for defenses."
On Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett's comments that Romo is the best in the NFL at moving around the pocket:
"A lot of guys take off and they run and they don't look downfield. What Tony's able to do is bide some time and throw the football right before he hits the line of scrimmage. Every once in a while, if everybody's covered, he'll get his yardage and just hit the ground, which is a skill."
On if the Cowboys' new 4-3 defensive scheme is still a work in progress: *

"Well, it's definitely a [Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator] Monte Kiffin defense. He started it and he does it quite well. They change up different fronts and stunts, and those types of things with it, and they'll run an eight-man front as well. What they have done through the years is play well and play very solidly, and you've got to really play well. All 11 guys have to play together."

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