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Mike Shanahan Full Transcript: 12/24

*On Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013, Redskins HC Mike Shanahan addressed the media following afternoon practice at Redskins Park in Ashburn, VA. *

. On separating his personal life from work and enjoying the holidays:
"We all have a job to do and I think this schedule really works out great for everybody. Number one, we get our game plan in yesterday and today we have a normal Wednesday practice, so it gets the players and the coaches and, really, everybody in this building a chance to go home and enjoy Christmas with their family, and I think that's very important. We'll come back Thursday just like a normal Thursday and continue to our game plan. All we basically do is the coaches get their game plan 24 hours earlier, players come in on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, and full preparation for the week."
On the season wide receiver Pierre Garçon is having:
"Anytime you put up the type of numbers Pierre has, it really says a lot about a lot of people, not just Pierre but the supporting cast as well. I've been really pleased with how he's handled himself, how hard he works. You could see a year ago when he did play he was the difference in us winning and losing. When he did come back, you could tell we were a different type of offensive football team and this year is no exception."
On if he feels Garçon has proven he deserved his contract:
"I sure think so."
On if he addressed his future with the players this week or at all:
"No. Same thing we've been talking about since Day 1 — all of those things you address at the end of the season after the season is over with."
On the health of linebacker Brian Orakpo:
"He's limited today. I know we don't have to talk about it until tomorrow and we've got DY [fullback Darrel Young] was full and [linebacker] Ryan Kerrigan was full. That doesn't have to be reported until tomorrow but that's what we'll do tomorrow, so you guys get that information a little bit earlier."
On safety Brandon Meriweather's absence:
"It was personal, but it wasn't related to injury."
On the roster move made today:
"Yeah, [linebacker Will] Compton is coming on for [linebacker] Nick Barnett, and we haven't made a decision for [tight end] Jordan Reed's [roster spot] yet, what direction we're going to go. We've got a couple of options and we'll have somebody in here on Thursday but we plan on making a move… It could be later on today or it could be Thursday morning."
On signing tight end Gabe Miller to the practice squad:
"Brought him on the practice squad. He's a tight end. We'll get a chance to look at him. He'll play linebacker as well. A couple of days on our football team, but a guy that [Director of Pro Personnel] Morocco Brown recommended and hopefully he'll show us something in the next couple of days."
On his relationship with Executive Vice President/General Manager Bruce Allen:
"I've always had a great relationship with Bruce. Bruce has done all of the different contracts and personnel moves, and it's been nice not having to really deal in that area because of his expertise — knowing agents, knowing what's in the best interest for the organization with the salary cap, things along those lines."
On the injury to linebacker Ryan Kerrigan:
"It was his wrist. It was just sore. He still was full [participation]." 
On his favorite Christmas memory:
"Great question… We'll just talk about this year, but there's so many different things as you look back in the past. Anytime I think about Christmas, you think about spending time with your kids. My situation tomorrow will be six grandkids – I've got three on Kyle's side, three on my daughter's side. We've got identical twin boys that [are] a year old. Their son is also two-and-a-half, so three boys on one side. I've got Stella, who is six-years-old and I've got Carter, who is about three-and-a-half and we've got another girl named Lexi, she's right around two or a year-and-a-half. So it's fun. It's a very busy Christmas Day and you always look forward to it."
On if he had a sense of how serious Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's injury was during the game:
"No, I had no idea. In fact, I thought it was his ankle from the way he was moving."
On if it annoyed him that Romo's back issues were not disclosed on the injury report prior to the game:
"The only thing that annoyed me was the play he made at the end of the game."

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