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Montez Sweat | 'Glad to be back with my brothers'


Washington Commanders defensive end Montez Sweat addressed the media after practice on July 31. Here is a full transcript of his press conference.

On how he feels so far in camp:
"I feel great. Just glad to be back with my brothers to get some work in. It's been great these past couple days."

On if he sees any differences in his game coming into this season:
"I mean, playing the game of football for a certain number of years, especially at this level, you see certain things that become familiar and you become noticeable. So yeah, it's a few things that I noticed out there and some things that I need to get better at."

On if he has noticed the defense and the defensive line being more mature coming into this season:

"Yeah, for sure. I mean, I guess that comes year after year. I mean, you want to train your mind to be better in the year before. You wanna train your body to be physically better than year before, so I think that just comes with life, honestly."

On working with DE Chase Young this offseason:
"Chase looks real good. I mean, one thing I can say that he has developed on, he's starting to be more of a pro. He's always been a pro, but I think ever since the injury as far as the cold tub and the pre-practice and the treatments after practice and just things and stuff like that, that's why I think he's upped his game a lot."

On going with Young to Ohio State University and working with Ohio State Defensive Line Coach Larry Johnson:

"It felt kind of weird being on another college campus at first, but we both knew what we was there for and that was to get better. Just honing in on some of the techniques from Coach Larry Johnson. He was actually great. We brought some of the things that we did in Ohio back out here just for pre-practice and stuff like that we do, so yeah, it was great. It was a great experience."

On maturing after being in the league for a couple of seasons:

"My first year in the league, I got a culture shock on me. I think we went like 1-16 so that humbled me as soon as I got in the league. The next year, I was better mentally. So, I think that just happens every year."

On some of the things he brought back from training at Ohio State:

"Just some hand techniques. Some get-offs. Some just d-line techniques that help us out on the field."

On how he gets to what his expectations are for a season and wanting to get better after each season:

"I mean, I used to feel like that, but I mean, after a certain while you realize it's not really in the numbers. It's just about affecting the game. How can you affect the game?"

On when that mindset changed for him:

"I don't know. It just changed."

On the uncertainty of playing in a contract year and seeing another defensive lineman get paid:

"I mean, it's not necessarily an uncertainty. I mean you know it's gonna happen at some point. You just keep your head down and work. You listen to the guys, your peers around you. I mean, [DT's] Jon [Allen] and Daron [Payne], they give me nuggets and advice all the time on just keep on doing what you're doing and everything will come to fruition."

On how impressed he is by the steps Young has taken to get back to this point:

"I mean, I'm not necessarily impressed. I mean, it is who he is. He's an incredible football player. I mean, that's what I expect. That's what we expect."

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