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Quotes: Bruce Allen And Jay Gruden (8.17.15)

President Bruce Allen

Opening statement:

"Well, let me start off with something. Once again, a lot of people to thank for our training camp in Richmond. I think the mayor and his office have been so gracious and helpful to a lot of our events that we've done here in Richmond. The governor's enthusiasm is still off the chart and he's a fun guy to be around. The fans that came out we really appreciated – the players and the coaches working with the kids. But I think the great story from this training camp is once again what our Charitable Foundation has done off the field. I know some of you went to the playground build in the East End. Today, we're announcing this fall we're going to put another one of those playgrounds here at Bon Secours facility. Our Charitable Foundation will be funding it completely. As we said from the beginning, any way that we can impact the kids in this neighborhood, that is one of our primary goals off the field. On the field, I like what we've seen. The attitude of the players and the coaches has been fantastic. There's a hunger that you can feel and the execution just in the first preseason game was impactful because you saw some things that you don't usually see in the first preseason game. To have no false starts by an offensive line in a preseason game — those types of things mean that the players and the coaches are on the same page. And with that, I'll take any questions."

On the attendance this year:

"First of all, the fans that came had a great time and we appreciate them. It gives them a great opportunity to see the team. I think the first year we had some great crowds because it was brand new. We were probably coming off — we had just drafted Robert [Griffin III]. There was a thrill to see that. When you look at our attendance league-wide, we're probably in the top five in attendance in the league, but I think it has a little to do with our performance of 4-12 last year. Once again, we enjoy the people that come and the players really do like the interaction that they have with the people."

On the process of potentially building a new stadium:

"Well, building a stadium is different than building a house. The 49ers just moved into their stadium and that was a 15-year process that they were in. The San Diego Chargers have been in a 15-year process themselves with nothing on the horizon yet. We wanted to get ahead of it and start doing the preliminary work. It's not going to be a new stadium in the next 48 months, so you don't have to worry about that."

On where the stadium process stands in terms of design and location:

"We've had great conversations with all the areas. The design is something that we've started on, but really it is preliminary right now, Liz. There's not going be anything to announce."

On if he has a preference for where the next stadium would be located:

"You know John, we've had a lot of interaction with our fans this year and this offseason. We've listened to them on a number of different issues. We're going to find the right location and build the stadium for the fans. We'll take input from all of them on it, but right now, no, there is not a leading candidate."

On the renovations at Redskins Park:

"Yeah, we're hoping that we don't need the hard hats this afternoon. They have been working around the clock up there. What we didn't have at Redskins Park was enough meeting rooms and conference spaces and things of that nature. We had to upgrade our technology capabilities. Last year we did more of the training room and increased the weight room and of course put in the kitchen. This year we just wanted to build out that patio to create more space for meeting space."

On the job General Manager Scot McCloughan has done:

"First of all, Scot is doing exactly what we had hoped for. He is a very consistent person in his approach and I think the entire personnel department has done a good job. Now, we're still scrambling to find some players out there right now to fill some of the holes that we have. He has taken the personnel department and done a very good job. How far are we away from winning depends on how we do today on the practice field – we have a lot of work to do. We have three more preseason games to properly evaluate all the players."

On inquiries about the terms of the team's camp agreement:

"Well, part of the process is we always file a report and we've done that. We've exceeded everything in the agreement. The agreement doesn't state, for example, we're going to build playgrounds. It doesn't say that our reading program is going to reach 11,000 kids. It doesn't say that we're going to work with the faith leaders of Richmond. We've exceeded every part of it. The fact that we're here a few less days this year is really due to our second preseason game being on a Thursday versus a Saturday, which it was. You can't break camp close to the preseason game. The governor and the mayor are very pleased with the deal."

On if the team plans to stay in Richmond for the full term of its agreement:

"Yeah, as I just said, we will live up to every one of our agreements. No different than last year, we'll get together with the community leaders, the political leaders of Richmond and our staff in the coming months and try to figure out what we can do better, what we can enhance from what we did this year."

On the process of signing linebacker Junior Galette:

"Scot [McCloughan], Jay [Gruden] and several of our players met individually with Junior, as did I. We wanted to hear where he thought his life was going to go on and off the field. We set out some very clear guidelines for him of what we expect out of Redskin players. He understands what he has done in the past and he'll be held responsible for that. It's very clear on what we expect of him. Is he a good football player? Yeah, he's proven to be a good football player. We really discussed our locker room more than anything and it's one of the reasons we wanted the players to also meet with him to make sure they wanted him in our locker room."

On if the team would reconsider the team name if it proved to be a political barrier for a new stadium:


On when the team filed its report about the agreement:

"I think it was at the beginning of camp, I think. It might have been a week before the beginning of camp."

On if he is concerned Galette could face disciplinary action from the league:

"I have to let the league decide what they're going to do with that. Obviously, it would have to be before the regular season or the final cut. I think the league has promised all the teams that all discipline will be processed by then – except for the ones in federal court, I guess."

On how the team can make camp more accessible and appealing:

"I think it's very appealing to all the fans that came. Once again, I believe we're in the top five in attendance of all training camps in the NFL. If you look at what we're doing here, the fans that come do enjoy it. They even got to see a fight this year which was something new here at Bon Secours' facility. I think the location, being in Richmond, has allowed everybody from Norfolk to Charlottesville to have much easier access and our fans from the Carolinas who come up."

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall's toe:

"He had X-rays yesterday and it came back negative. He should be day-to-day. We'll see how he is for Thursday's game. Possibility he plays, yeah… They collided feet. It's nothing major."

On what the team accomplished in training camp:

"I think, first of all, camp went very well. I think we got a lot accomplished. I think we got a lot of young guys some quality repetitions and learned a lot of football, learned a lot about our guys, the way they competed every day. Despite being hot and tired and sore, they came out every day and competed – worked. Didn't have one guy late to any meetings at the hotel. It was a great experience all the way around. A lot of coaching going on, lot of guys competing like I said, so I think overall it was a great experience and I think we came together a little bit more as a football team. That's what you want to get out of these camps is A) you want to get obviously better fundamentally and get your scheme taught and find out your best players, and then obviously you want to come together as a football team, and I think we did that."

On tight end D.J. Williams:

"He's a little bit more experienced. Obviously, he's spent some time with some organizations that are running similar-type offenses that we do with terminology. I think his transition will be a little bit smoother, but today's the first time I saw him so we'll see when we get back."

On if he would be inclined to hold joint practices again next year:

"Yeah, absolutely. If we can get it done, I'd love to. I think it's a great experience. Obviously, like I said before, I think the third day we'd go with shorts or just have two practices in pads and then break up. But I think it's a great experience, man. When you can go against another front, another coverage, another team to kind-of see where you're at, I think it's very, very important. It's good for the quarterbacks — you control the situations, red zone, two-minute, all that stuff, third downs. It was good."

On if camp was less physical this year by design or as a reaction to injuries:

"Both. We did some of the one-on-one tackling, but not as much as last year . We had some guys banged up in the secondary – was really the main part of it and we couldn't afford to lose anybody else. We wouldn't have had bodies to practice and obviously at tight end too. Both had something to do with, but we got enough I think in."

On the quarterbacks' performance in camp, particularly Robert Griffin III:

"He's learning every day, and that's what everybody is doing. Every day, every rep is a different rep against a different coverage with a different play call. Every time he calls a play against a different defense, he's got to react, he's got make a read and deliver the ball accurately in the passing game. He's done that and he's just continuing to grow and that's all we can ask. Kirk [Cousins],Colt[McCoy], Robert, all three of them have done a nice job. They've taken their lumps from time to time. We've coached them up, and they've gotten better I think as a result. I;m happy with the progress, but obviously there is a lot of work to do."

On wide receiver Jamison Crowder's chances of playing in the second preseason game:

"He's probably going to be out, we'll keep him out. I want to make sure he gets a couple good practices before we put him on the field in a game situation, but he's coming along good."

On wide receiver DeSean Jackson:

"Same thing, he's going to be out for this game. We're hoping he'll start to slowly work his way back into practice after the Detroit game, and maybe play preseason game No. 3. We'll see though. He's got almost full range of motion back and he's feeling pretty good."

On if Jeron Johnson is an option to start at safety:

"I think everybody is in the mix to be a starter. Until the preseason is over with and we play Miami, we don't know exactly who our starters are going to be anywhere. We have a depth chart, like I said, that means pretty much nothing. We're all just coming out here competing and he's in the mix at strong safety, no question. Duke's [Ihenacho] done an excellent job, though. He's done a really good job. Duke brings a lot of energy back there but Johnson is definitely in the mix."

On if he is disappointed with anything from camp:

"Not really. There's a lot of circumstances you can't control like the injuries. That's the only thing. I just wish we didn't have as many of the nagging little hamstrings, the little ankles and the calves and the obliques. We've got one that I've never even heard of – Will Compton, I don't know what that injury is. That's the one thing you hate to have happen but every team goes through it. It's a physical day out here and you're going to have those. That's the only thing you regret, just the chance for our secondary to really gel with [Bashaud] Breeland and [David] Amerson and D-Hall [DeAngelo Hall] missing some time, I thought that was a very important time for us. This was an important time for them to do that. That's the one thing that I'm not happy about but we can't control that. Otherwise, it's been a pretty smooth deal. I liked it."

On if the competition is open for return specialists:

"Well, I think before Jamison [Crowder] got hurt, he was pushing the envelope quite a bit. He was doing a great job of fielding them. So we'll have to wait and see how he does in a game situation. But that is an open competition. Andre [Roberts] obviously fumbled in the last game. He wasn't dynamic for us last year but he was consistent. He caught all the punts and did some good things. We have some good options. Chris Thompson tried it, misjudged one, but he's got some quickness. Trey [Williams] has been back there a little bit. [Rashad] Ross has been back there a little bit. So that's an ongoing thing but we really want to see Jamison when he gets healthy and see how he does."

On if the injuries are related to changing strength programs:

"No, I don't think so. I don't think so. I think they're just unfortunate deals. I'm happy with the way our team has worked with Coach Clark, no question about it. But we'll look into why and when they happened and try to do some more research on that in the offseason. But for the most part we have a lot of healthy guys that have really progressed well. They've gotten stronger. I feel like they've got more juice. So I'm happy with the weight program. We've just got to get the guys that are injured healthy."

On quarterback Robert Griffin III trying to play at the level of fellow draft class members Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson:

"Well, that's the goal. That is the intent. First of all, we have got to keep him on the field, keep him healthy. Every time you get injured, unfortunately you not only obviously miss an opportunity to get better but you miss the repetitions, both in the meeting room and the practice field and obviously on game day. So that slows down your process a little bit more as far as your development in concerned. No. 1 objective is to keep him healthy, keep him upright, and then to just see how he steadily progresses throughout this year."

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