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Quotes: D.J. Swearinger Sr. 7-29-2018

On the first day in full pads:

"You know it's just the days adding up. You know it's the first day of the full pads, so we just getting competitive out there. You know, it's getting intense. So, that's what we need."

On developing the competitive edge during training camp:

"It can build. That's something that we want to build. We want to be as competitive as possible at camp. You know, the offense and defense, we don't have to like each other in camp. We shouldn't like each other in camp. It should be competitive. We should be trying to get the best out of each other. That's only going to make us bigger and better in the longer run. You know, once the season starts we'll look back on that and laugh at it."

On trash talking with head coach Jay Gruden:

"I like to go back and forth with Jay all the time. You know, he always kind [of] starts it, so I definitely got to try and finish it. You know, when he starts talking – there was sort of something – the one-on-ones, it started in ones-one-ones it carried throughout the day. But, you know, Jay he's a good trash talker, you know, but he's not better than me."

On the importance of building chemistry with S Montae Nicholson:

"It's extremely important any of the good safety tandems in the League they've been together about three to four years, five years. You look at (Seahawks safeties) Earl [Thomas] and Kam [Chancellor], you look at Minnesota's [Vikings] safeties [Anthony] Harrison and 3-4 [Andrew Sendejo]. I guess you can say – you know any of the safeties that the tandems that are good they've been around each other awhile. This will be my first year being able to go back from last year to this year having the same starting safety. You know hopefully we'll be better chemistry wise, you know that's what we are working on right now at camp. We just got to take it one day at a time and keep that chemistry going and hopefully we'll be the one of the best one day."

On his plans for the off-day:

"Tomorrow I'm just [going to] try and get a massage, you know take care of my body. Get a lot of down time, as much down time as I can so, when we get here on Tuesday we will be ready to go. Because I think the offense won today."

On his observation of training camp:

"I think the competition has stood out to me the most, both sides of the ball, wide receivers, running backs, DBs, you know everybody is competing and it's at a high level. We just got to continue to keep that at a high level, as you know as camp gets harder. You know it's easy to compete at a high level early in camp but, you know after your day, after your body gets tired and it's late in camp, you know, we want to see that same competition, that same energy level."

On if the additions of DL Daron Payne and DL Tim Settle helps the secondary:

"We don't know yet because it's not live, but we can see that Payne is a beast in the middle. He is wreaking havoc. Anytime he's in there taking on a double team you know a single person can't block him. So with that being said when the season kicks off, it's going to help those linebackers roam free, it's going to free us up in the back end you know we don't have to come down and make as many tackles. So for the overall just of the defense, especially the run defense, it's going to help us a lot."

On the role of being a defensive leader:

"I've embraced it a lot, you know, with open arms. I feel like this is my responsibility to make sure everybody is on the same page so to speak. That we are looking at the same goal, looking at the same things when we are watching film so we can have the same eye and not be off here or there. You know, everybody being on the same page as the secondary, you've got to have that chemistry, and you've got to have that bond together so that we can be all together as one. You know if we have one bad play here in the secondary or one person not on with us, it's not good for the overall defense. I've embraced it. I'm looking forward to seeing where this camp takes us. You know, right now we're focused on dominating in Richmond and that's what we're trying to do."

On QB Alex Smith:

"He's not going to look where he throws the ball, he is going to definitely try - when I'm in the middle he definitely tries to look me off a lot. He made a nice play today, I guess looking of Montae in the middle. He's a veteran quarterback - you have to be an adventurous safety. You have to be experienced at safety to kind of feel him out. I think I've been doing a good job at it. We just got to keep working at it. You know, he is definitely going to get us ready for those quarterbacks like the Aaron Rodgerses we play, the Matt Ryans and the Drew Breeses we play this year. So, everyday practice is a challenge, you know – it's a good challenge though."

On his defensive leadership:

"No question."