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Quotes: DeSean Jackson (7.25.14)

Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson

On what the offense is looking for in practice:

"Really just camaraderie, coming together. You know, we had like a month off of everybody individually going their separate ways after all the hard work in OTAs and minicamp and things like that. So really just building that bond with one another, going out there and putting in the dog days here in training camp. Late July, early August is when you start your run, and even really before that. Like I say, really OTAs and minicamp is where you kind of start all that. Coming back now is where you've got to continue it to last for the whole season and hopefully postseason."

On how difficult it is to build chemistry with a new quarterback:

"Honestly, that's what practice is for – going out there every day and just working and taking rep after rep after rep. Really trying to get on the same page and get on the same accord as the offense, being a new offense [with] Jay Gruden in his first year, my first year here, RGIII [Robert Griffin III] being in his third year. Really it's just kind of new for everybody. We had a couple of months into it to learn it, so I think everybody has a grasp for the system now. The best thing I can say about it is we're out here putting in the time and effort inside the meeting rooms and we're translating that onto the practice field. That's a start, but at the end of the day, you've still got to go out there and you've still got to practice and you've still got to make plays and do everything that your coaches are asking you to do. I know for us, we're just doing our jobs. We have a job to do – it's to go out there and make plays. Rob has the job to do, which is to go out there and control the offense, so everybody has to play their part."

On if he has noticed cornerback DeAngelo Hall mature over the years:

"D-Hall, he's had some great years in his career. Him being a veteran, going on his 11th year, it comes with a lot. Being a top player in this league, you have to go through a lot. So whatever edge you have to have to play at the level you need to play at, you can't take that from no one. That's who makes you you. That's what makes you what you are. Whatever any individual has to go out there and put on a performance… He's kind of like myself – kind of a smaller guy but he still plays big. So that's his confidence. That's what he needs to do to play at his level. You can't really knock anybody for whatever it is they need to do to play at a high level in this league."

On if he aspires to follow Hall's career arc:

"Yeah, I mean, honestly he knows how to be a professional. That's the biggest thing I can say. He's fortunate to still be in this league and play at a high level and still have the talent and ability to go out there and stop No. 1 receivers in this league. Going at it my past six years with him and now being able to be an addition to his team and just practicing every day, going at it, competing against one another, it's going to make us better for the season. That's what we look forward to – [those] type of matchups."

On the difference in practicing in the rain on Thursday and in ideal weather on Friday:

"Yesterday, that was one of them conditions where the rain plays a factor. You know you have precipitation. The ideal playing football – you want it to be sunny, you want it to be nice weather and not wet. But at the end of the day, [those] are conditions we have to prepare for. You never know how the season will portray itself – rain, snow, however the case may be. The other day I think was a great day. The weather was great. The field was a little slippery still because of the rain, but we [were] able to get out there and practice at a high tempo. Yesterday, Coach [Gruden] challenged us because he felt it wasn't a great day. So today we just came out with high energy, played at a high level and the tempo was there. Everybody flew around and made plays. We're just building and every day has to be like a building day. As long as we got better from yesterday, that's all you could really ask for every day – just getting better."

On if there will be enough passes to keep everyone happy:

"I'm sure that's the question everyone will want to know. Honestly, me and Andre [Roberts] were just talking about it earlier. It's very dangerous and it's very scary – I'd rather be on the team that has all the weapons. It just makes it easier for Robert. Actually, me and Andre were saying every play somebody has to be open. With me, Tana [Santana Moss], Pierre [Garçon], J-Reed [Jordan Reed], Roberts, it's so many options – Alfred Morris. There's just so many options that regardless of how you play it, somebody's going to have to keep an eye on RGIII, because if not, he's going to run. If somebody doesn't get double teamed, another receiver is going to be open. So like I said, we're putting in the effort to go out there and just all be open. As long as we're all open, it makes it easier for RGIII, so that's what we look forward to."

On Head Coach Jay Gruden joking about him being "too cool for school" while running routes:

"Coach Gruden, he's a guy that has a lot of jokes with him so you've just got to kind of take that on the run. Honestly, I'm out here working. That's all that matters, putting in the hard work and doing what I need to do to be at a high level where when my quarterback drops back, he sees me where I need to be. As far as the plays, I think I have a great idea of all the plays that's in so far and they're still being put in. I feel like I'm on top of all that, so I'm not out there missing assignments and doing things like that. I'm just trying to get better every day at a time and doing what I need to do to help my team."

On his expectations for himself this year:

"Honestly, man, I just want to help my team win games. I've been a firm believer all of my career – the best I can go out there and make plays and spark the team with energy and things like that. The little things I just say [are] the things to help my team as far as with energy and just kind of being that guy that's out there making plays and just leading by example. I don't really have to say too much, but as long as I'm out there making plays and having fun and playing at a level where I'm used to playing at. I think I'll just feed off of other guys here as well, too. That's what I look forward to is to continue to go out there and be known as one of the best playmakers in this league."

On if there are similarities between his playbooks with the Eagles and Redskins:

"It's a total difference. As far as [Eagles Head Coach] Chip Kelly's offense last year, it was a fast, speedy offense and it just had a lot of different looks, where this year it's back to the West Coast Offense as far as kind of similar to how Coach [Andy] Reid and Marty Mornhinweg [were] my first four years in Philly. I have a lot of similarities with my previous offense, like I said with Coach Reid and Marty to now with Jay Gruden, so a lot of things are similar to the West Coach Offense, a lot of terminology and things like that are similar. So that's what you look forward to – just trying to match up the things that I've known in the past to where I'm at now."

On if he tells Hall his weaknesses:

"I think we all have strengths and weaknesses as players in this league. The best thing I can say is you just have to work at your weaknesses. There's things you're not as great at. That's the things that you attack and the things you try to get better at. And the things that you are good [at], you continue to keep working at them to better yourself on an everyday basis. So being a professional athlete, you can't really get content. There's always challenges out there, there's always great players that you're facing and things like that so you have to be on top of your game every time you step out on that field."

On wide receiver Jerry Rice Jr. and if he ever watched his father:

"I was actually fortunate to be trained by Jerry Rice coming out of college and things like that, so me and Jerry Rice, we have a great relationship. I think I met his son back maybe a couple years back when he was in college and now having him as an addition to the team, it's a great thing to have. You know, he has a lot of upsides playing with that name on the back of his jersey and just trying to do what he needs to do to make this team, honestly. So far so good. I think he's out there, he's working hard and you can see he has the instincts to work hard, catch the ball, he sprints down the field, does that little things like that, so it's a great addition to have."

On if he wants to show that the Eagles made a wrong football decision:

"I mean, if that so be's it, then yes. You know, my focus is more on my new team, my teammates and doing things that I need to do here to help my team win. As far as what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing, that's in the past and that's on them. So I don't get caught up in really worrying about what they have going on out there. I really don't care too much about it either, so I just look forward to the first game of the year, man, preseason, going through training camp, preseason and just really look forward to our opening game vs. Houston. That's what I'm more focused on."

On pacing himself through training camp:

"I mean, honestly, it is a work in progress. Going out there on a day-to-day basis, competing at a high level and just getting the work in. We're in what – the second day or third day of training camp? – so it's still early on but we throw the pads on tomorrow and we're just taking it one day at a time. I think when the time is right and the ball is out there for me to go get, I'll have to turn it on and things like that. But it's my seventh year in the NFL and I know what it takes to make it through a season, and the best thing is just staying healthy. As long as you stay healthy and keep your body right and at the same time still put the work in, the sky's the limit. So we just [are] looking forward to everybody just making it through training camp healthy and just building that camaraderie with one another"

On how flexible the offense is:

"I think this offense is very flexible. Just being able to have the personnel of having J-Reed, who plays tight end that can actually split out as wide receiver… We can get Alfred Morris to come down and run routes of the backfield. Pierre, Santana, Andre and myself, I mean the sky is the limit. Honestly, it is. And at any given time a defense is going to have to be accountable for multiple guys, not just one guy, not just two guys, but four or five guys every play. Just going through the progress and just learning the plays and knowing where everybody is going to be is the biggest thing and RGIII, he's going to have a lot on his hands because, like I said, there's going to be a lot of guys open, hopefully. That's the plan to just make it easier for him, as long as guys are open and he knows where to dish it to, it'll be fun for us to go run and score touchdowns and make big plays for him. I think that's what we look forward to."

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