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Quotes: Head Coach Jay Coach (05-14-16)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On CB Kendall Fuller saying he is 90-95 percent healthy:

"That's the update that I have too. He feels good. He's doing a great job with [Head Athletic Trainer] Larry [Hess]. We just want to be a little safer with him and not rush him back. We want to make sure he's good to go. We'll slowly start to incorporate him in some of the drills once we start our OTAs. Next week will be a good week for him and he'll have three good days with the trainers again. And then when we start our practices, we'll try to implement him in there just a little bit and see how he does."

On his impressions of WR Josh Doctson and S Su'a Cravens:

"Well, they're all positive. It's a teaching experience, like you said, learning experience for them. Just the tempo, the plays, the terminology, all that is new to them. But to get them out there with helmets on and see them run around was exciting. Obviously we have high hopes for them and they showed a lot of good things and things we can correct and that's going to be the process from now until training camp until our first regular season game. It's going to be about coaching them up and trying to utilize their skill the best we can."

On Doctson:

"To be a first round pick, you obviously have a great skillset and he's done nothing to disappoint, that's for sure. You know, he's a smart kid, too, which sometimes you don't know that coming in when you throw a lot at them, how they're going to handle the terminology and all that. And he's done a great job so far. He's got a long way to go, as they all do. But he's been very impressive in everything – his demeanor, his work ethic, his ability to learn and we're happy that he is where he is."

On the plan for Cravens:

"We're going to continue to figure that out. You know, that's what our job is – to try to get him in the best situation possible where he's most comfortable. But initially we have to teach him a position, and right now it's going to be the inside linebacker, and then from there we might branch off where it's the nickel and it could be safety later on. But initially, give him something to sink his teeth into, learn it and then go on from there and see what he can do."

On if his evaluation of QB Nate Sudfeld was based on watching him on film and at the combine:

"Yeah, we watched a lot of games on him. Coach [Matt] Cavanaugh, Doug Williams, obviously all of the scouts in his area, Scot [McCloughan], myself, Sean McVay… We had a lot of input on him, saw his combine, saw obviously the game tape that he played and we're impressed by him."

On if DE Matt Ioannidis could contribute at nose tackle:

"It could be. He could just be 'DL' – is what he should be – because those guys are very interchangeable. Man, he's strong and I think eventually he could put on some weight and be a good nose guard. Like a lot of these guys, we're kind of getting to know them as they are getting to know the system and all of that stuff and we'll try to find out the best place for him based on where we need him and where his best success rate will be."

On T Takoby Cofield:

"Like all second-year players, we expect a big step, you know? We expect them to come in. They're going to be stronger obviously and they're going to be more confident with the system so we expect major improvement from every second-year player. He didn't get a lot of reps on the field on game day obviously, so his might not be as big of a jump as some of the other guys  but he's been in the weight room, he's getting stronger, he knows the system – both tackles and I think he could play guard if we need him to – very versatile lineman. We just want to see steady improvement. If you're with Coach [Bill] Callahan as much as he has been over the last year and a half, that will show."

On what he was looking for this weekend:

"We just look for a skillset that can help us. Obviously it is position specific. Obviously we're looking for some guys that pick up the system rather. It's not all physical, some of it is mental. You have to have a little bit of both. You have to be able to handle the packages we throw at you and then you have got to go out there and you have got to produce and show us the skillset: speed, length, pass rush ability, blocking ability, whatever it might be. That's what we're looking for. We try to give them as many opportunities as they could get and we'll make our evaluations. We have very few spots but hopefully we'll sign a couple of guys from today."

On QB Vernon Adams:

"Vernon did a good job. He came in and picked up rather quickly. You know, he's another shotgun-type guy and not used to being under center. But I thought he handled it very well. Did a nice job and threw some good balls."

On if he has a routine and expectations for tryout players:

"Yeah, no question. I think the coaches did a nice job of presenting the packages, and you just want to see these guys get better from one practice [to another]… We had three practices [this weekend], and we expect the third practice with them to be jumping around, a little bit more crisp than it was yesterday, but overall I liked the group of guys that we had here. I think our scouts and Scot [McCloughan] did a great job of giving us guys with a skillset that we can work with and evaluate. And that's the biggest thing you're trying to get out of these rookie minicamps and people trying to get rid of them and all that stuff, but they're very important to find two or three guys out of here that we wouldn't have found otherwise. So we're happy about that. I'm happy about the tempo. Obviously there were mistakes – there always will be – but I think we're going to find a couple guys out here that we wouldn't have normally."

On if C Austin Reiter looks bigger this offseason:

"That's it. He's gotten a lot bigger. We'll see once the veterans get in here and we do some of the practices and we get the pads on. For offensive linemen, defensive linemen, people look bigger in here and that's the intent, but we'll see how they improve once we get the pads on."

On threatening to throw passes in drills:

"That was a meaningless threat right there [laughter]. When we have a six-foot-two-and-a-half wideout who has a 40-inch vertical, there's nothing more that drives me crazy than having it be thrown out-of-bounds, so I got a little upset. But we got it right. Guys were a little nervous and not sure which way to go and then the timing is a little bit off. To expect these quarterbacks and wide receivers to mesh in a day and a half is really unfair on my part. I was out of line, as usual [laughter]."

On extending the contract of TE Jordan Reed:

"It's great. You know, it's a great testament to him and the work that he's put in, obviously learning the system, production and then in the weight room. He's worked extremely hard, and he's earned that contract. You know, I love the fact that when you have guys that you draft and you build through the system that perform, you reward them and he's a perfect example of that. It's a great message to send to the rest of the guys, man. You work hard, you produce, good things will happen and it did for Jordan. He's a great kid and obviously we have high aspirations for him."

On the importance of resigning QB Colt McCoy and having continuity at that position:

"It's big. It's big time. You know, you don't bat an eye if something happens unfortunately to your quarterback and Colt understands his role. He appreciates his role, and he's going to work hard at it. He's still fighting to get them starting opportunities if he gets them. He'll perform well if given the opportunity, but he understands that it's Kirk's show right now and he's there to support him. But he's also getting himself ready, and I think he's a great luxury to have at the quarterback position."

On if RB Keith Marshall is 100 percent:

"He tweaked his hammy a little bit yesterday afternoon, so he wasn't quite himself. But yesterday he ran pretty well, and we just want to get him right. We held him back a little bit today."

On if anyone surprised him today:

"You know, I'm going to go back and watch the film. I haven't had a chance to watch the tape yet. I like that some guys have shown a little bit. I don't want to name names and get them excited or what have you. I want to make sure we get it right, and go through the tape very closely with Scot and the rest of the scouts before I name names, but there was some impressive guys out there that's for sure. You know, some defensive backs really showed up. A couple of the big wideouts did a great job, linemen… I think we're going to make some moves there. So, it was a good day."

On CB Lloyd Carrington:

"I like Lloyd. Lloyd did some good things, man. He's a physical corner. He did some good things off. He can mix it up. We had him as a free agent already on our team so he just verified the spot to get an opportunity in training camp. So, we're happy to have him."

On S Kyshoen Jarrett: "Yeah, I think that's coming close. We're going to get the final reports and all that here shortly, and we'll address that at another time."

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