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Quotes: Head Coach Jay Gruden (06-15-16)

Jay Gruden

On WR Josh Doctson's status:

"Same, and he had a bad tooth. He had to get a tooth pulled, so he is out of commission today."

On his sense for the team heading into the break:

"I was excited. You know, I think they did what we wanted them to do. They got bigger and stronger in the weight room. Conditioning was tested and I think they are in better condition. We got away without any serious injuries, which is excellent. We are in good spirits, we are in good health and we are excited to get back to Richmond when it's time. So I think we accomplished a lot."

On DE Stephen Paea's absence:

"Personal reasons."

On if the team has any unresolved aspects entering training camp:

"I think there's a lot. We are trying to resolve a lot of things. We're trying to get better at each position. We're trying to find good, quality depth. Special teams is probably an area that we have got to find some players stepping up – the flyers and the punt protectors and punt team and all that good stuff, kick cover guys. But overall, once you get to training camp, you're going to have your 90 guys, let them compete, play the games and then see what you need to do. But we feel good about the depth with have on this football team. We feel like we have great choices and there are going to be some tough decisions when it's time to make those decisions. And that's a tribute to our scouting staff and Scot [McCloughan] for bringing in good, quality players and these players working hard that'll make it tough."

On if the depth of the team has noticeably improved since last year:

"I think it is. Yeah, the depth, you can see it. When the ones go out and the twos come in, you don't see a major drop-off. There's a lot of good players. And then our third group goes out there and there's some skill out there that you can see that is just dying to be developed. It's going to be very difficult, but it will all play itself out. We've got a great group of guys and they're all working hard and that's exciting."

On the plans for the players and coaches prior to training camp:

"The players will have a set of instructions or what have you from Coach [Mike] Clark. [That] is the big one – conditioning, the test they have to prepare for. But a lot of these players have their own trainers, their own facility where they work out and they are very diligent about it. That's a good thing. They're going to come back in good shape. But we'll have a plan to give them that if they don't have anywhere to go, they'll have some steps to take and follow along with. Coaches, we take the time off. It's a time off for coaches. It's the benefit of being an NFL coach – you've got this month here where you can take off."

On what he has learned about running a training camp smoothly:

"We've got a system in place – a schedule in place – already set and then it's just a matter of getting to know the players and how they feel health-wise and maybe tapering off some, maybe pushing them a little bit more. That's something that you can never predetermine how you're going to go about practice. That's something that's really my judgment. We don't have a team coming into Richmond this year, which is different than the last two years. We're going to have to adjust our practices, maybe get some more scrimmages against one another just to get some tackling here and there. But for the most part, the schedule is set. Players know what to do. We've got the walkthroughs, we've got the practices, we've got padded practices, the non-padded practices. It's going to be great competition, great energy out there in Richmond. It's going to be fun."

On the addition of Dr. Robin West:

"I just met her, just a minute ago. Yes, very impressive. I didn't read the résumé, though, but she's nice."

On verbal sparring and competition between CB Josh Norman and WR DeSean Jackson:

"It's great. You know, those two guys are proven players and throw Pierre [Garçon] in the mix also. And those guys are making each other better – I mentioned it yesterday – they're making each other better and that's a great thing. Throw [Bashaud] Breeland in there and [Quinton] Dunbar has had a great camp – he's covering really well – Ryan Grant's playing well. These guys are all competing and doing well, but DeSean is very confident. Josh Norman is very confident. So when they go against each other, there will be some talking from time-to-time, but it's all friendly and they're all getting each other better."

On if the defense's success in minicamp is a good sign for the defense or a bad sign for the offense:

"Depends on what kind of mood I'm in [laughter]. Good thing about being head coach, man, you're not really picking a side. So, it's 'Great job, defense,' or 'Poor job, offense.' That [today's practice] was more of a great job by the defense, you know they played well. They got after the quarterback a little bit and he had to pull off and the defensive backs made some plays. Will Compton made an excellent interception today and it was great to see in a key situation. So it was good to see them make plays. And offensively, you know, you're strapped a little bit with the ability to move people in the running game and all that stuff. Defense gets off and they're allowed to shed. It's a little bit easier than the offensive line being physical, you can't really be and the backs can't break tackles, so it's tough. But, overall I've been impressed with both sides and it's been great competition. But also, they've also learned how to take care of each other, too. You know, we have no injuries so to speak of, and it's been pretty good."

On if there are any injured players he expects will not be available for training camp:

"I think there's a couple that, you know, we'll have question marks on. I think [Derek] Carrier will be a question mark; we'll have to wait and see. There will be a couple other guys. Junior [Galette] I think will be ready to go. Perry Riley, I think, should be good, but we'll have to see. Other guys, I think it's we'll wait and see."

On G Brandon Scherff and T Morgan Moses being able to prepare together this offseason:

"I think they are very dependable – that's why you like them – you like them because they are dependable and they're smart and they work hard, you know what I mean? The first year and early on, they might have had some issues with communication and all that stuff, especially picking up some of the stunts, which is very tough for a first-year lineman at guard and a first-time starter at tackle. It's tough to see everything. But they've seen everything. And they're still going to… you know, they're not going to be perfect. But they're two guys that are big, strong and physical, and they do stride forward. They have an excellent coach in-house in Coach [Bill] Callahan. So, you just love the work ethic, their personalities and they're just going to get better."

On DB Kyshoen Jarrett:

"You know, we haven't had a lot of changes in that update, really. He's been to see three specialists now and we're just going to wait and let it play out and then make a decision on what to do next.

On if there a timeline for Jarrett:

"Not that I've been aware of, no."

On if CB Bashaud Breeland's role changes with Norman's arrival:

"It doesn't change at all. He is considered a top corner. You kind of laugh at how you'd say you've got a No. 1 receiver, No. 2 receiver. You need two to three good receivers, and you need three to four good cornerbacks. You know, we may or may not travel a lot, so it depends on the formation who he's going to get, but he's a quality corner. He can play nickel also, he's very versatile, he's an excellent special teamer. But his role won't change. He's going to play a lot of football for us in a lot of different ways and he's going to help this team win a lot of games."

On if Jarrett's injury is a long-term concern: "You know, we're going to get all the doctors' reports and then we'll address all that later on. I just want to make sure we know exactly what we're talking about before we talk about his injury."

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