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Quotes: Head Coach Jay Gruden (08-17-2016)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On false starts during practice:

"Yeah, you know we had some mistakes. We had a couple days off… Monday was a short practice. Yesterday was a day off. We were a little sloppy out there and we just had to get it corrected."

On WR Josh Doctson:

"Yeah, he's progressing nicely. It's exciting to see him with a sweat going. He did a little more work and we are just going to take it gradually day by day and we're not going to rush it. We're going to try to do more and more as weeks go by.

On if he expects Doctson to be ready for Week 1:

"I don't have any expectations for him whatsoever. I'm just trying to adhere and listen to what the trainers are telling me, how he is feeling and ask Josh how he is feeling and I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see. He's going to progress slowly. We'll take our time with him and when he feels right and the time is right, then we will push him hard and then let him practice."

On NT Jerrell Powe:

"Yeah, Powe is going to be another week or so before he can do anything, maybe longer. But, he is able to do a little exercise. He can't get back out with the team until he is fully healed.  He won't be ready to go for probably a couple weeks."

On if he has decided on playing time for Friday:

"I don't know yet. We are still going to have a coaches' meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 and then we will make a determination there how long we are going to let our starters go. I want to make sure who is up, number one. That has an impact on everybody else, so we will go from there. But we will probably get a little more than we did last week."

On if T Trent Williams will play Friday:

"No, I don't know yet. He's gradually coming along, too. We're taking it slow with him, too. He wants to be out there really bad, but we're holding him back a little bit. But I think he'll be very close to being ready."

On if he has seen an injury like Doctson's:

"Not the Achilles thing, no. No, it's a unique deal, I guess. You know, it is what it is. Some quarterbacks get tendonitis in their elbow and it takes a while, and it just takes rest. And he's got it in his Achilles and it's just going to take rest, but once it's gone I think it'll be gone. And that's our hope that it doesn't come back, so we want to make sure that we get it cured now."

On TEs Vernon Davis and Niles Paul:

"Yeah, I've been impressed with Vernon and Niles both. Niles coming back off the injury, I've said it before, he's done well. And then Vernon we brought in here and I wasn't sure what to expect. I know the young Vernon Davis was an explosive player, and the older version is still an explosive player. He's done extremely well, man. He's a great guy to be around. Just adds depth and quality—quality depth to our tight end group. So it's great to have him because he is an all-around tight end. He can block as well as he can run and catch."

On if there is a defined role for Paul between tight end and fullback:

"Yeah, he's just got to know it all and he does. He knows the 'U' tight end and the 'Y' tight end. He knows the third tight end on the trey-personnel group. He knows the fullback. That's what makes him so valuable, and he's excellent on special teams, so Niles is going to have a role this year. And we know how it is with the depth of your football team in a 16-game season. His role can expand greatly in the blink of an eye, so he's going to be ready to go and we're going to use him."

On RB Chris Thompson's progression:

"Well, he missed a lot of OTA's obviously too with his injury and he's just coming back into form right now. I think he's starting to get his body back into shape, he feels good. Now it's a matter of getting him banged around and make sure he feels good about it. But I think he is in good shape, man. He's the leader of that room, he's the veteran of that room. Quality person, worked himself to get ready, and he's always sure what to do. You know, he's very sharp. He's going to help. He's going to help spell Matt [Jones] and he's going to help us on third down, like he has."

On Thompson's patience as a runner:

"Chris [Thompson] hasn't got that many carries, but Chris has a little bit more experience at it than Matt [Jones]. You know, he's our most experienced guy and that means we don't have a very experienced room. He is. He's a very patient runner and when he hits the hole he's got great burst and explosion and that's what you love to see. He's also great out of the backfield. That's where he's really good weapon and he can protect. So he's a good all-around back for us and he's going to be utilized quite a bit."

On G Shawn Lauvao:

"I think Shawn is doing well. He's working himself back into shape. When you miss that much time with an injury, especially to your feet or ankles, it's going to take some time physically to get yourself back into shape. And I think you'll see more and more of him in the next couple of weeks and we'll see how he does. That's good competition between him and Spencer [Long]."

On if it makes more sense to judge the running game when Lauvao and Williams are together:

"Yeah, I mean, I think we should be good with Spencer [Long] in there and Trent or Ty [Nsekhe]. I think we should be good. We'll see. We're going to keep trying to push it. The Jets are excellent against the run. If I recall last year, we couldn't run the length of my arm against them. They're very physical. They play some fronts that are very difficult to run against. So it will be a great test for us – our physicality – and see if we can get anything going."

On upon what he'd like to see the team improve from last week's game:

"Well, we'd like to see us improve on the running game. Obviously the penalties is another thing. I don't want to see a lot of penalties. I think we had 16 or whatever it was. So you want us to play a clean football game and you want us to improve on our physicality and obviously eliminate the big plays on defense. So you need to take away the big plays and the penalties, play a pretty good game. But those are the things we've got to improve on."

On how critical Friday's game is for players attempting to make the roster:

"It's critical. Every time they go out here and take a rep, it's critical for guys trying to make the team. And we're evaluating them still. Today, we're going to go up there and watch the film as a staff and evaluate each individual player, see how they're coming along, see if they're improving, see if staying the same, see if they're getting worse. You know, eye in the sky don't lie, so we're just going to keep watching these guys. These guys are putting out great effort though. I have a lot of respect for all these guys. They're doing a great job of honing in in the meeting room and trying their best out here on the practice field. Now it just comes down to producing."

On DE Stephen Paea's role on the defensive line:

"It's interesting. That's a tough group because we have some guys – Ziggy [Hood] has done a nice job, obviously Bake [Chris Baker]… You've got Ricky [Jean Francois], who is doing some good things in there. So it's interesting, that group. Kendall [Reyes] obviously has shown some ability to pass rush. So when they get the reps, they've got to take advantage of them. Stephen has been much improved that I've noticed this year as opposed to last year. We're looking for some pass rush on the interior of our defensive line and hopefully Stephen, Ricky, Kendall, Ziggy, Chris, those guys can provide us with that necessary rush."

On the change in Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry in his second season with the team:

"I think he's a lot more comfortable with his staff, number one, and his staff is more comfortable with him. You know, you add Greg Manusky to the mix too – who is an ex-coordinator, some experience there also – I think they've got a great group in there. They work well together. They meet long enough, that's for sure. And I think they've got a good thing going on. They've got a good system in place. They really do. And I think the players are buying into it. They're very diverse in what they do. Now it's just a matter of making sure everybody knows what to do when they're out there and we'll see. But I feel good about the staff and where they're at and how much they've grown in one year."

On if RB Robert Kelley could see playing time with the first or second teams:

"Yeah, it could happen. Rob did a good job. 'Fat Rob,' that what is on his backpack. He did a nice job… That's his nickname in college if you didn't know that – 'Fat Rob' Kelley. But anyway, he was impressive. He's been impressive since we got him. He's got great vision. He's built low to the ground and he really runs hard and that showed up against Atlanta and I'd like to see him in an expanded role, see how he does. Keith Marshall didn't get a lot of good, real looks in the game. He had a screen pass, we wish we would have seen a little bit more, but I'd like to get him more looks. He's shown worthy of getting more looks. Some of the explosive plays that he's had out here in camp, we've got to get him the ball too. We've got some interesting battles there and I like to see these guys get the ball with some looks."

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