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Quotes: Head Coach Jay Gruden and Introductory Press Conference: Doctson, Cravens & Fuller (4-30-16)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On the draft class:

"I'm very excited about these guys, really. I think the theme is we got some football players, man, some versatile guys that can do a lot of different things, and tough guys that love the game of football. We're excited about it. They all bring great attitude to this organization. They're going to play hard and they're good people."

On QB Nate Sudfeld:

"I'm excited about him, man. He's a tall quarterback, obviously, played at Indiana. Took them to their first bowl game I believe in 20 years. Don't quote me on that but I believe that's a fact. He's very accurate with the football. He's made all the throws. I really like the fact that he has great anticipation in the pocket. He anticipates throws, gets it out his hands. He can speed up his delivery when he has to. And he buys time. He's very functional in the pocket for a big man as far as buying time in the pocket. I think he has a great upside and we're excited to have him."

On adding four players in addition to adding picks for 2017:

"I feel great about it. You talk about adding picks for next year, which is great. We're all interested in this year coming up obviously, but you're talking about the foundation of this football team and this organization. You add picks for next year and you get quality players this year, and that's what it's all about. We're sitting in a good spot. We feel good about the young guys we got. They're going to come in here and compete obviously like everybody will. But the type of guys that they are, that's really what's most exciting to me. You love the playmaking ability of Josh [Doctson] and Su'a [Cravens] and obviously Kendall [Fuller], coming off the injury. You add Keith Marshall later. We got some guys that can really make some plays and tough guys. Steven Daniels is tough. Matt [Ioannidis] is a very tough guy. Then you add the quarterback for the future, it's excellent."

On selecting LB Steven Daniels and RB Keith Marshall in the seventh round:

"Very surprised Steven was there. We brought him in for a visit a couple weeks ago and love the way he plays. He's a physical football player. He's a middle linebacker on a Boston College defense that was ranked No. 1 in the nation. He was the quarterback back there, he led the show. He's tough. He can stop the run. He didn't run a great 40 time but he's very good in pass coverage, man. He knows where to go, he's great with his eyes, and when he thumps you, he thumps you. I think he's going to be a good special teams player, and he's going to compete. We're excited to get Steven. I think he's an excellent linebacker, and he can do some good things. Then Keith, there's no substitute for speed and he's fast. We're excited about that. We're going to take a good long look at him. It's an element in the backfield that we don't have is that 4.28 40 or 4.31 or whatever it is. Very explosive. Unfortunately has had some injuries in his career, but still, he overcame the injury and ran a very fast time at the combine. [Running Backs Coach] Randy Jordan knows him extremely well and we decided to take a shot at him and I think it's going to be a great pick."

On sticking to the board:

"The good thing is we were 9-8 last year, won the division. We didn't have a lot of glaring needs like, 'Oh my gosh, we're totally incompetent at this position.' I feel really good about the depth on our football team already. Now the draft is about adding good football players that love to play and are tough, and we did that. It's a great luxury to have when you go by the board, and Scot [McCloughan] preaches it all the time – taking the best player on the board – and basically that's what we did. We didn't have a lot of glaring needs in my mind, you guys might have a different idea, but I feel like we have got pretty good depth all across the board. Now it's about adding quality guys that can really help us."

On DE Matt Ioannidis:

"Matt's a quality person. He's a captain on their football team and really helped establish that attitude at the University of Temple. They were very competitive this year – on defense especially – and he's a catalyst behind it. He's played the one, three, and the five [technique]. I think he can gain 15 pounds and be a very good nose guard. He's played the three-technique. I've seen him rush the passer very well. He was very good at the combine, very athletic. Times the snap extremely well. He's a nuisance. He gets in the backfield and makes a lot of plays, and he hustles. What he doesn't have maybe physically trait-wise with speed and all that stuff, he makes up for with his tenacity. That's half the battle in pro football. The guy that plays that hard until the whistle blows, that's what Matt's going to give you, and we're excited to have him."

On Ioannidis' versatility:

"Su'a and Matt, these guys are versatile players. We're going to get them in the building, we're going to get them out to rookie minicamp and then training camp and see what we have. We'll try to find the best spot for them. If it means gaining 15, 20 pounds for Matt, I know he can do it like that [snaps]. Heck, I've done it [laughter]. So, it's very easy for him to do and I think he can be a very good nose or three, or what have you."

On acquiring picks for next year:

"It's hard, but I think Bruce [Allen] and Scot [McCloughan] both have a great vision for what this franchise needs and what's good for it. At the time they felt like giving up a pick maybe to get some better picks next year was good for us, and I think that speaks to the team that we have already in-house. I think a couple of years ago we probably wouldn't have been able to do that, but I think now as we start to grow our depth and the type of guys that we want in this building. We had that luxury this year and I think it will be better for us, obviously, in the future."

On if acquiring future picks is undervalued:

"It depends on the situation. I think there was a lot of guys there in the draft that we felt like we could maybe wait and use our later picks and get them like we did with Matt [Ioannidis], like we did with Nate [Sudfeld] – obviously Steven [Daniels] was still there. So I think there were a lot of good players we felt we could wait, but to add a couple more picks for next year was a great benefit for us."

On if players who are hard-working and love the game can sometimes trump talent:

"Oh, no question about it. Heck, we got stickers on our guys ranging – I don't even want to go into all of them… It's a very important element, you know, and when you're into the draft and it's close between a couple of different guys, the toughness, maybe the special teams factor, the versatility, being a team captain, like Ioannidis, all that stuff factors into it. You're always going to air on the side of tough, 'loves football,' great person-type guy." 

On determining a player's love of football:

"Well, we have our scouts working all offseason. They're talking to their coaches, they're talking to their players, they're working year-round getting to know these guys and they're going to start as soon as this is over working on next year's draft with the juniors and all of that. These guys do an excellent job in there. They know all about their background. They talk to their coaches, our staff talks to their coaches, Scot [McCloughan] has a great feel for these guys based on their interviews that we have with them at the combine. We do a lot of work on them, we just don't assume anything. We have the facts in place and we take a long look at all the information and make our decision."

On if Marshall can complement Matt Jones:

"Yeah, we'll see. That's what the intent is. He brings an element that not many people can bring at the running back position. We'll take a good look at him at the rookie minicamp and then go from there. But he's played at a great program at the University of Georgia and unfortunately had some injuries, played with some great backs, man. They have got backs coming out the woodwork. I think it's a great chance to take with a guy in the seventh round, a guy that can run like that and was highly touted out of high school going to Georgia. I think he was ranked ahead of [Todd] Gurley going to Georgia, so he's got the makeup to be a great back and hopefully he stays healthy and learns this thing and can be a force for us."

On Marshall's pass blocking:

"We'll see on that. We'll wait and see. Mainly we got him to be a runner. Pass blocking and all that stuff, that takes time for young guys. But we'll see. We'll see how he picks it up. I know he's a bright kid and eager to learn. That's half the battle right there. We'll get him taught up. We've got a lot of time before our first game against Pittsburgh. He's got a lot of work to do. But what I hear and what I know about this kid, he'll be one that will put the work in. So we'll decide that later."

Introductory Press Conference: Josh Doctson, Su'a Cravens and Kendall Fuller

Opening statements:

DOCTSON: "I'm glad to be here. You know, I'm drafted higher than I expected. I'm just really appreciative of the opportunity and I'm glad to play alongside these guys and looking forward to making the best of this opportunity."

CRAVENS: "I'm extremely excited to be here. A great opportunity to compete in one of the toughest – if not the toughest – division in the NFL. So, I just can't wait to get on the field and get ready to compete and ball out."

FULLER: "Like they said, I'm blessed to be here. You know, excited for the opportunity, excited to be with this organization in this league. Like they said, just ready to come in here and play football. "

On Fuller's impressions of FedExField and if he was a Redskins fan growing up in Maryland:

FULLER: "My impressions of the stadium, I've kind of seen it many times running over at PG Sports Complex, playing right over there on that field against DeMatha a couple times. Unfortunately, well, not unfortunately, my brothers being in the NFL, I was always cheering for them, cheering for whatever team they were on. But, you know, I'm definitely excited to be with this team. Being around the area for so long, it's definitely a blessing."

On if Fuller is excited to play for Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry:

FULLER: "Yes, definitely excited. Just the coach that he is, the system that he has, I'm just excited to come in here and learn and get on the field."

On Doctson's feeling of being selected in the first round:

DOCTSON: "It was a rush of emotions that day. I was blessed to have my family with me, supporting me, not knowing if I was going in the first or on Day 2 or whatever day. You know, I'm so motivated. I worked hard to get here. I'm appreciative of the coaches, the owner, the GM. They saw a lot in me, saw a lot of potential, and you know, I'm just going to keep my head down and keep working."

On if Doctson has contemplated what it will be like to learn from Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson:

DOCTSON: "Yeah, I talked to DeSean yesterday and he welcomed me here. They're two dynamic players, two vets, two players that I'll be able to learn a lot from. So I'm just looking forward to that in my rookie season and for whatever happens on after this year."

On Doctson's journey from being a walk-on at TCU to a first-round pick:

DOCTSON: "Like I said, self-motivation being a walk-on, being a guy who wasn't the golden guy, being able to embrace that role of really just not knowing if you're going to play on the next level, so it really made me appreciate college days. I appreciate football more. So, yeah, being one of the few not four- or five-star guys there [in Chicago for the Draft], I really appreciated that and it's good to be a part of that group."

On when Doctson realized he could play professionally:

DOCTSON: "I mean, I don't think anybody has told me, I think it's just kind of like you understand and try to ignore it. I know these guys did the same thing. They tried to ignore the next level and appreciate our college days and our teammates and all that. But, yeah, you just really kind of look past it and just keep working."

On Cravens going to workout after learning he was not selected in the first round:

CRAVENS: "I love the game of football, so as a competitor, of course I'm going to be disappointed if I feel I put in the work or felt like I deserved to go in a certain round. But that being said, it's a blessing and I'm extremely grateful to be here and to be picked in the second round. It's a very small percentage to guys that don't get to play in the NFL at all, so the fact that I'm here today is a blessing. But, I mean, I looked at it as I wasn't good enough to go in the first day, so let me get into the gym tonight and let me prove that I'm good enough to go in the second day to myself. I'm all about work. If I feel like I'm not working hard enough, I'll get back to it."

On family members reached out to Cravens during the draft process:

CRAVENS: "I had a couple people reach out to me. First was Jordan Cameron [Cravens' cousin], the tight end for the Dolphins. He just called me and told me to enjoy the process, don't stress over it because it's a great process, it's a blessing to be in the NFL playing football. It's your dream. Just enjoy the process, don't get too stressed out about it. Manti Te'o [Cravens' cousin] called me and just told me to live every day like it's your last day and be so grateful, give everything to God and make sure that I remain humble no matter what happens. Probably about a week before the draft, Troy Polamalu [a fellow USC product] reached out and texted me and said, 'If you need to talk to me about anything, if you get flustered or frustrated, just call me if you need me.' So I've had a pretty good support system."

On their influences in youth football:

DOCTSON: "My parents sitting right here on the front row. These people, they dedicated a lot of hours for me, a lot of selfless acts, a lot just financially and just mentally, physically a lot of support for me to get here. And our family, friends, back home, coaches, all these people on my line to stand there or sitting right here on this stage got me here. You can't thank them enough. There's nothing you can say or do for them that thanks them. People are just in your corner that really want to see you succeed in life, and you know, it's just a really, really big blessing."

CRAVENS: "I would probably say my father. Without my dad, I wouldn't be half the man I am today. I wouldn't be here today. He didn't force me to play the game, but he pushed me to be great and I think he saw something in me early and really gave me every chance and opportunity to chase that dream. I love my dad and I don't know where I'd be without him. I know he's at home right now. Every team at the combine asked me, 'Who's coming with you?' And I told them I'm coming by myself, and that wasn't my choice; my dad told me himself, 'You need to go by yourself and you need to focus. You're a man now. I did all I needed to do and it's time for you to handle your responsibilities.' So that's just another lesson I take as my dad showing me the way to do things."

FULLER: "For me, it was definitely my parents and my brothers. My parents, they just kind of set that foundation for us. My father, he kind of pushed us when we were younger, taught us how to work hard. He taught us never to let anyone outwork us and things like that. So he kind of set that foundation. And my mother, she was just always working hard so that we could do whatever we needed to do to be successful. She wasn't going to let anything stop us from doing that. And my brothers, they just kind of knew I was going to be watching them. They kind of always led by example through their actions, always doing the right things, showing me how to be a good player and just a good man. Just, you know, watching them, learning from their paths, learning from their experiences definitely shaped me."

On the last 24 hours:

CRAVENS: "I went from thinking I was going first round to not even thinking I'd have an opportunity or chance to be a Redskin to on a plane three hours later to landing in D.C. probably two hours ago. So it's been a hectic 24 hours but it's been fun and I'm enjoying the ride."

On the benefit Fuller received from having three older brothers in the NFL:

FULLER: "It definitely helped me. My brother  Corey right here probably beat me up the most [laughter]. But it was, like I said, just being able to watch  them, they definitely said something when they needed to, shared some knowledge and influence when they needed to. Like I said, they knew I was watching, so they knew that they had to carry themselves right because they didn't want me to follow their footsteps if they were doing the wrong thing. But it was definitely, I guess, fun growing up in that household."

On which players they look forward to lining up against in practice:

FULLER: "Everybody."

DOCTSON: "[Laughter]. Yeah, he said it best. Everybody. We've got great players, great vets on both sides of the ball that are going to help me and Kendall and Su'a develop."

On surprises during the draft process:

CRAVENS: "I would say you've got to trust the process. Trust the people that have been in it and know what they're doing. Don't let your mind go crazy. I mean, you have those nights where you're just sitting in your room after a long workout or just after a long day of talking to teams. You just don't know where you're going to go. You drive yourself crazy trying to figure out where you're going to go. You can't be too hard on yourself because at this point, it's like the first time in your life you can't control what your destiny holds. It's really up in the air. For future advice to anybody that's going into future drafts, I would say just relax and know the player you are or know the man you are and what will be will be."

On if Cravens was hoping to be a Redskin because of Barry:

CRAVENS: "I love Coach  Joe. He recruited me out of high school. I didn't think the Redskins were going to call my phone. They hadn't spoken to me since the combine, and then when I answered my phone and Joe was the one telling me, 'You ready to be a Redskin?' It was like my heart kind of dropped – I was like, 'Really? Why haven't you guys been  coming and calling me and letting me know?' But like I said, I've just been enjoying the process and I'm real happy to be here."

On how Cravens can "make this sport look easy" in the NFL:

CRAVENS: "I mean, first, I'm going to have to humble myself like I did in college, like I did when I was a freshman in high school. You're just starting over. You're at the bottom of the totem pole and you have a lot to prove and you've got to gain everybody's respect first. I'm just going to pick everybody's brain, learn from everyone, be as helpful as I can on and off the field. I'm very confident in my abilities, so I'll never question myself on the field, but as far as being a teammate, that's my biggest concern and my biggest goal is to be the best teammate I can be."

On the most challenging experiences of their collegiate careers:

DOCTSON: "My most challenging experience would be transferring from one college back home and then walking on at TCU. It was a long journey for myself, a humbling journey, and fighting for a scholarship not knowing if I'd get that scholarship. And then getting a scholarship and trying to get on the field somehow. My senior year, trying to figure out how to beat double coverage. It was a crazy experience from the ground up. Like he said, we're at the bottom of the totem pole now and starting over. So I'm looking forward to it."

CRAVENS: "I think you heard a little something about what happened at USC lately. Over the last three years I probably had four or five different head coaches and four or five different position coaches. With that happening as well, being switched from safety to linebacker – a position I hadn't played at the collegiate level. Going through all that adversity and still trying to remain the player that I was and remain mentally tough with all the media and all the drama that was going on at USC. I think that really prepared me for the future, so I'm grateful that I went through all that because now I can handle such situations."

FULLER: "I think my biggest obstacle, I would say, was my injury this past year. You know, just putting in all that hard work in the summer, trying to go out there and compete and having to end your season and get surgery and things like that… But it kind of humbled me. It taught me how to respect the game a lot more, [don't] take each day for granted or each practice for granted or each game. Just taking it as best as I could, you know, just appreciating it and just down the line I'll be able to like I said appreciate it a lot more, work harder and not ever take it for granted."

On how it feels to be a Redskin:

DOCTSON: "A blessing. An opportunity. We each wanted to play on this next level and we really didn't care who it was with. And now it is with the Redskins and now we couldn't be any more happy."

CRAVENS: "I'm elated. I can't wait to get on the field.  I was just beating myself up because I just found out I'm not allowed to practice until the 13th, I guess. So, that's kind of bothering me a little bit so they're going to have to find a way to keep me out of the facilities 'cause I'm going to find my way in there."

FULLER: "Like they said, definitely a blessing and just looking forward to playing football."

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