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Quotes: Jamison Crowder (4-17-17)

* The following is a transcript of a conference call with local beat reporters this afternoon.*

On his workouts with quarterback Kirk Cousins and his role in the offense:

"I mean the workouts that we had with Kirk, those went well. It was three days of pretty much just running routes and catching passes from Kirk. You know just going over some things that we feel like we can take advantage of as far as within the offense. That went well. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm taking over or anything. I'm just making sure that I 'm doing my job and doing what I have to do to be an important role within the offense. You know, just making plays and helping out the team so we can get some wins."

On his expectations of wide receivers Terrelle Pryor Sr. and Josh Doctson:

"My expectations from those guys is to make plays. Obviously, Terrelle has been in the league five, six years and he had a really big year last year for the [Cleveland] Browns. I'm excited to see Josh Doctson. He played two games last year came in and made a big play against Dallas [Cowboys]. Everybody knows he's pretty capable of making plays. I'm excited to play alongside those guys and all the other weapons that we have on offense. I think that we have unique guys all across the board. I'm just excited to go out there and help out as much as I can so that we can have a great season."

On working with Jon Gruden in Tampa during the offseason:

"It was fun working with Jon Gruden. We spent time, maybe two to three hours a day in the film room. He made cut-ups of each individual player that was down there from the season. Like I said… we talked about some things that we could possibly incorporate into our offense, just so we can take advantage of things we see on the field. It was a good experience. It's hard for me to compare the two, Jay and Jon, because obviously I haven't been around John as long, it was just those few days, so I really can't draw a compare or contrast between those two guys. It was a fun experience down there and I thought it was beneficial for everybody that was involved."

On if he sees his role increasing within the offense this year:

"I really don't know. I don't know as far as my role increasing or, really, it's on the coaches. I'm just trying to make sure that I do what I can to be as much prepared for whatever situation the coaches put me in. I'm just going to roll with the flow and make sure I do what I have to do. If my role does increase, then I'm prepared for that. If it stays the same, then I'm prepared for that as well. We just have to see when the season gets here."

On tight end Jordan Reed:

"Oh yeah, I mean with J- Reed he came down to Tampa as well and that was the last time I talked to him. That's been a few weeks back. But he looked good, looked in shape and everything, said he felt great and obviously everyone knows what J- Reed brings to the offense. He's listed as a tight end but he's more of a receiver-type guy as far as his route running and the way that he catches the football and the way that he can make plays after the catch. I mean, like I said, I look forward to playing alongside with J-Reed [and] just being one of the guys that just plays off of him because everybody knows that he's going to make plays and he's going to help out the offense as much as possible."

On keeping his body healthy during the offseason:

"I mean, just in my short two years – two offseasons – I've learned just to kind of pace yourself. When I first was going into the draft and everything, that was the longest offseason just because I was prepping for [the NFL] Draft and Combine and Senior Bowl, stuff like that, but since last year I've learned that you have to find that time to let your body rest and let your body heal after the season, you know, because the season is so long and it's such a grind. So you have to kind of pace yourself and find the times when you want to get back into training and knowing what to train on and on or just kind of tempo it, you know, just so you can kind of stay in shape and get ready for things like OTAs and things like that. So I've kind of learned the ropes or what I feel is best for my body as far as making sure that I'm prepared physically to be able to come back and be in shape ready to perform."

On what part of his skill set that he worked on this offseason:

"Nothing too much, just route running and catching the football that's the main thing. I'm making sure that I am getting stronger, doing some things, working out and trying to build speed but nothing too crazy. I know that each year I have to build on what I did last year. I'm just trying to make sure that I can find little things I can tweak to be better than what I was last year. Nothing too crazy, just route running and catching the football. That's pretty much it."

On the Redskins passing game for 2017:

"I think it can still be very explosive like the previous two years I have been here. You look at [Terrelle] Pryor [Sr.] coming from (the) Cleveland [Browns]; he put up some big numbers last year with the [Cleveland] Browns. [Josh] Doctson, everybody is anxious to see what [Josh] Doctson is going to bring to the table. I have faith in him that he will be a huge weapon for us. Obviously with [Jordan] Reed and Vernon Davis, those guys had really good years last year and J-Reed [Jordan Reed] is J-Reed [Jordan Reed]. I feel like the offense can still be explosive if not more than it was last year."

On what happens during the Offseason Program:

"We pretty much just work out and get reacquainted with the teammates. For this short little time period we have in the offseason a lot of us have been on our own, like training in Florida and I trained back in North Carolina for a little bit. It is really just getting reacquainted with everything and kind of refreshing yourself on the plays, working out with your teammates and just being in the building. Right now we are in phase one. That's where we are at right now. It's exciting to come back and see your teammates and get that feeling that football is right around the corner even though it is still a while away. When OTAs start everything starts to move fast so it's exciting."

On how the Florida trip helped with chemistry with Terrelle Pryor Sr.:

"That was my first time interacting and meeting with Terrelle so that was the ice breaker. We would meet watch film and run routes. With our down time there were a few nights we went out to eat and sat around and talked to get to know each other. I feel that it was important as the ice breaker, just to introduce myself and so everybody can get to know Terrelle. We know that the chemistry is only going to grow as the season goes on and as OTAs progress because we will be around each other all the time so it's only going to grow. I feel that the Florida trip was a good start and a good way to introduce ourselves to him."

On if wide receivers Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson leaving will help quarterback Kirk Cousins spread the ball:

"I don't know. I feel like he [Kirk Cousins] distributed the ball last year well. I feel it's every receiver's mentality, every receiver wants the ball but I feel that last year Kirk distributed the ball well. He did what the coaches asked of him to do."

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