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Quotes: Jason Hatcher (10.23.14)

Defensive End Jason Hatcher

On his emotions about returning to play in Dallas:

"I was there eight years of my career, man. I had a great career there but I am approaching this game like any other game. It is a must win for us. So, I am just concentrating on being the best player I can be to help our defense play the best they can. It's no extra emotions involved, it is just another game."

On if he has heard from any former teammates this week:

"No, you know, a lot of those guys, man, I was there so long I saw guys come in as rookies, grow up as men, you know, mature. I mean, of course they've reached out to me, excited to see me, those guys over there have got a lot of respect for me. So, it is going to be great to see those guys but at the same time we've just got to go in there and get a win."

On if he could sense a change with the Cowboys as he was leaving:

"Yeah, you could see it. The culture there changed, it took a while with me being an [expletive] sometimes, you know, the culture kind of changed. You could kind of see it happening. But I am excited for those guys. I wish the best for them. They are playing well, it is hard to win six games in this league but you know, we've got to go and get our third one."

On the adjustment from leaving Dallas and coming to Washington:

"It was one of those things that I knew was coming, I prepared for it my last year there. So, I knew it was kind of coming. Just getting here, you know, the guys that's here, they [were] great accepting me as a teammate, so it was an easy transition for us coming and playing for the Redskins."

On how hard it is to put emotions aside with a game like this:

"I think you've just got to be locked in to what is at stake for this football team and I am. And what's a stake is another win. So, that is what I am focusing on. I am not going out there trying to be no hero or nothing like that. I am just going to continue to be the player I am. I am not going to go do nothing special, try to be no hero, but I am going to go out there and play the best I can."

On what impact the Cowboys' success on third down has for their defense:

"I don't think about it at all. I am a Redskin at heart, this is my team, this is my organization, I love them to death. But they have been able to do some good things. But the key, the key is 29, DeMarco [Murray]. He is a great back, he has been a great back since he came to the Cowboys. It is one of those things – he couldn't stay healthy, this year he is staying healthy and he is showing the world who he is. So, we've just got to contain him, man, he just do a lot of stuff by himself, that I watch on film so he is a great back."

On what has to be done to contain Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray:

"You've just got to be where you are supposed to be at. If you're supposed to be in the B-gap, be in the B-gap, because if you are not there he is going to go where you are not. He has awesome vision. He is – if not the best back in the league, you know, he is up there in the top five definitely. So, you've just got to be sound in your defense and every snap because if you are not he'll make you pay."

On if there is extra excitement to now have the opportunity to sack Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo:

"It is exciting for every quarterback, man. I enjoy rushing the passer, man. That is what I do. I love it so it just happens to be my old teammate. It's going to be great. So, every quarterback – I don't like quarterbacks, so every quarterback, all quarterbacks are going to get rushed the same by me."

On how he feels physically going into this week's game:

"I feel great. I told Coach last week was the best I've felt since my hamstring. But, you know, I don't make excuses. But I feel great going into this game, just have got to continue to take care of my body and do the right things to get ready for Monday night."

On if he has had to act a certain way to try to create a culture change similar to the one in Dallas:

"You know what, it is slowly but surely coming in. I am just being the guy that I have always been, the leader that they expect me to be. And some things you're not going to like that I say, but I am here to be that leader and that voice. So, I've just got to continue to do it and I think the football team is going in the right direction."

On if the response to his leadership in the locker room has been received well:

"Absolutely, absolutely. And a win always makes everything better. So we are coming off a win and it feels great. So I am glad we are coming off a win going into Dallas, which is a tough football team to play and it's going to be very, very exciting challenge for us."

On if the loss of linebacker Brian Orakpo will change how teams attack him:

"I get attacked every game. I get attacked every game. So that is something – nothing's going to change, I get double-teamed every game. So, if they don't double-team me, they know what it's going to be. So, every game I get double-teamed, so I am not – they are going to attack me regardless. So, they know what kind of player I am."

On the process of coming to a new team and taking a leadership role:

"Like I said, those guys accepted me in for who I was coming in on this football team. I jumped in right like I've been here my whole career, so it's been great."

On if he knows how to get to the visitor's locker room in Dallas:

"I don't, never been over there. But I am excited to go see it. I know it's nice. Jerry [Jones] got it all fixed up for us."

On how to stop the Cowboys' offense:

"You know, just 29 [Murray], Dez [Bryant], he is a monster, 83 [Terrence Williams]. They've got one of the best skill positions in the league. Just playing sound football. Just go out there and play like we know we can play and we will be OK."

On how he became so close with defensive end Stephen Bowen:

"Well, when you're in a hotel room with two beds for the whole training camp, OTAs, you have no other choice of getting close to each other. I didn't like him at first because he was a snorer. I had Bill Parcells as my coach and he would run us in the ground, I would get like two hours of sleep. So after he kind of got out of my room, we got close then."

On if he has shared any information about the Cowboys' offensive linemen with his teammates:

"Yeah, everybody's got weaknesses. I practiced against three of those guys up front. They are really good players man. So, I know a lot of stuff – a way to beat them. I have been sharing it as much as I can to try to go out here and get this victory."

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